What is "slow living"?

Our life is often hectic, fully packed and really exciting. Thereby, we often forget that we only have this now life and tend to neglect simply enjoying it. Susie from the eco-lifestyle directory OREEKO, who is also Green Pearls® ambassador, lives more consciously after her endometriosis diagnosis and has dedicated herself to „slow living“. Today, she gives a short guide, how everyone of us can slow down their life a bit. One step at a time.

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Susie from Oreeko, an eco-lifestyle blog, has dedicated herself to slow living.

My name is Susie, founder of Ciao Eco Lifestyle & Oreeko.com – Eco Directory! My transition into slow & eco living took several years and a lot of research, experimentation, understanding and passion.

“Slow living”: the conscience for the life

It’s going back to basics.
It’s a way of life & existence.
It’s a change of attitude in the way we approach life.

Slow Living is about learning simplicity in every facet of our life through the beauty of what we have around us. Nature and people. It’s something far beyond materialism and the fast life that we are been exposed to everyday. It’s a deeper sense of reconnection with the true values of life and our body.

When starting to implement small changes and adopt an alternative perspective, we have to rethink our priorities and the way we approach life and all things in it.

It’s about choosing voluntary simplicity at 360 degrees.
A slow, connected, meaningful life.

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“Slow Living” does not happen over night, but just needs some time.

Living the slow life: how does it work?

Transition into a slow life must be slow. It doesn’t happen overnight. It requires awareness, courage and patience. Awareness of what is around us. Courage to change. And Patience as we strive to implement changes. You simply cannot live a slow life in the fast way. There are no shortcuts.

It’s hard because we live in a fast-paced world. But if we look within and start to connect with ourselves and our environment, we’ll discover we are not beings made to live fast.

Remember: Don’t exchange ‘Moving’ with ‘growing’. You can move and stay in the same spot forever. Or you can adopt a slow-living approach, and grow towards a specific goal, with intent and purpose, over time.

Susie von OREEKO im Gradonna
Slowing down and getting to know yourself – Susie from OREEKO offers tips, how we all can reduce stress in our lives.

Tips for „slow living“ at Home

1. Remove unnecessary clutter from around the house
2. Grow a plant or herb
3. Interact with your neighbours and local community

Tips for „slow living“ at the Office

1. Stop. Get away from the computer. If you forget, put a timer to remind you every 30 minutes.
2. Breathe fresh air. Quickly breathing in & out changes your disposition immediately!
3. Take the time to embrace & meditate on your life.

Love what you do! Enjoy what you do! And that will reflect in your business. Live a life that is simple, local and authentic.