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Hofgut Hafnerleiten

Brunndobl 16
Bad Birnbach 84364, Germany
Direct to the Hotel
"A very special piece on earth, with exception- ally dedicated people. Meetings in such an environment are fun and create good results." Georg Schneider ,


Only a 1/2 hour drive from Passau, you will find the Hofgut Hafnerleiten - a very special place for meetings and events in Bavaria, Germany, a paradise for architecture and nature lovers. For meetings and seminars, the Hofgut Hafnerleiten offers special powerful places for a relaxed and creative working. The 'Think-Bar' in the main house (max. 12 persons) and the 'Fountain House' (max. 20 persons) with an integrated coffee and cooking school allow an uninterrupted working in a private atmosphere. Also the individual holiday homes of the estate can be used for meetings and creative exchange. Through their many years of experience in the organization of meetings and creative events, the Hofgut team offers a personal and professional service. The provided teambuilding measures and team events of Hofgut Hafnerleiten complement the meeting package true to the motto 'Rich in Mind & Indulgence'. The offer ranges from barista seminars to Mediterranean cooking classes up to outdoor grilling at the fire ring. On request of a broader framework program, the Hofgut provides in close cooperation with partners an additional all-inclusive package, which includes further program highlights such as a martial arts instructor or fireworks.


Unique location for conferences, meetings, events & creative seminars in Bavaria, Germany

For groups up to 12 or 20 people

Special power places for a relaxed and creative working

Special meeting packages

Personal and professional service

Teambuiling measures & team events such as barista seminars, Mediterranean cooking classes & grilling at the fire ring



  • environmental protection
  • being local - authentic experiences
  • giving back
  • cultural commitment


The Hofgut Hafnerleiten fascinates with an architecture which lays special emphasis on the human being and combines it with nature.




Rooms & Amenities

Themed Houses (Open room concept) & Pond Suites


approx. 40 - 45 sqm incl. bedroom, living room & bathroom


boat house, meadow house, hillside house, garden house, water house, tree house, terrace house & pond suites



fireplace, private terrace area, earth sauna, Finnish sauna at the bath pond, backet with apples, tea & well water, hot water bag, a choice of wellness clothing & Crocs, books & iPod stations


3 Rottaler Langhäuser with 70 square meters - one bedroom and seperate bunk, fireplace and outer fireplace

Haus am FELD (house at the lake), Haus am WALD (house at the field) und Haus am SEE (house at the forest)


Not available:

cellular network, radio, TV, electric smog at roost, different price and season categories


Depending on the amount of meeting and event participants, the Themed Houses and Pond Suites possibly need to be shared (occupancy with 2-4 people).

History of Hofgut Hafnerleiten

„For us, luxury means closeness to nature, rest and time. Hence, our guests live in their own small house between ponds and trees.“

Today’s Hofgut Hafnerleiten in the middle of the Bavarian nature in Germany exists in its formation as it is today only since 2013. In 1999, the professional chef and today’s landlord Erwin Rückerl opened the first cooking school in Lower Bavaria, after he discovered his love for Mediterranean cuisine in Sardinia. In the following years, Erwin Rückerl and his wife Anja Horn-Rückerl, the good soul of the house, refined the original concept of the cooking school in South-East of Germany, whilst laying a focus on the relationship with nature and extended the existing section of culinary with the section of living. The first result of the new Hofgut concept became apparent in 2001 with the opening of the first of the seven unique green theme houses. 2005 they opened another six themed houses - 2011 a close-to-nature wellness area was added; its ‚wellness cubes‘ have been awarded several times. In March 2013, the opening of the three exclusive vacation rentals, the Rottaler Langhäuser finally followed. The inner yard of the main house remains as the heart of the property that invites to cook, eat and enjoy. Because passing on the enthusiasm of cooking to other people is still a large passion for Erwin Rückerl. Today, the Hofgut team also hosts many conferences, meetings, events and creative seminars in its premisis.

Conferencing Possibilities

The 'Think-Bar' and the 'Fountain House' invite you to a relaxed and creative working in a private atmosphere.


'Think-Bar' (max. 12 people)
- Possibility to hold a meeting or seminar on one big table


'Fountain House' (max. 20 people)
- Cosy meeting room with its own coffee bar and fireplace
- Ideal seminar room for presentations and meetings
- Room can be blacked out for projections


In case of good weather conditions, meetings and seminars can be transferred to the patio or garden.


Bookable options:
- Presentation kit
- Culinaric catering during the day
- Dinner & overnight stay
- Cooking courses, Barista seminars etc.


(Restricted access to mobile network. WLAN is available in the main house.)


Green Initiatives

Architecture & Design

The whole property is sustainably planned. 

During the planning period of the house, they worked together closely with landscape architects to guarantee the conjunction with architecture and nature. 

The construction methods of the houses were adapted individually to the surrounding nature and the scenery. 

For the construction and the interior as well as exterior design of the single houses, value was placed on natural materials and an environmentally appropriate construction method.

Wild hedges, meadow with scattered fruit trees, poor grasslands were arranged. Several ponds were created (different carp kinds, pond shells, bitterlings, common rudds, crayfish etc.). A small, natural tree group has gathered itself with birches and alders.

Energy & Water Management

Water management: own well 90 metres deep for drinking water.

Water treatment: all the wastewater is purified in the own membrane plant and is further used for lavatory flush and watering the garden.

The own well feeds the ponds.

Waste Management

Avoidance of waste during purchase, outer packaging is taken back by the distributor when possible. Reusable packaging is preferred. Waste separation can be found everywhere.

e.g. kitchen: compostable waste is brought to the own compost, food (noodles, bread, rice etc.) are given to the chickens. Everything else is added to the organic waste collection bin.

e.g. rooms: handwash and bath additives in large packages, as well as handmade soap are available

e.g. service: cloth napkins instead of paper napkins, service plates instead of lots of table linen

Instruction and education of employees

Recycling depot: paper, glass, recyclables etc.


Own garden (fruit, herbs, vegetables, nuts) that are used in the kitchen

Always on the lookout for regional producers.

Currently, Hofgut Hafnerleiten is supplied with goat cheese, fruit brandy, juices and lamb by small manufacturers from the neighbourhood.

Delivery of food is combined. Only a few main suppliers for the whole purchase that minimizes weekly deliveries.


The hosts Erwin and Anja Rückerl focus on a vacation without electric smog and offer the first radiation-free vacation home in Germany.

The slope house was measured in all four levels of the electromagnetic field and received the high-class seal EMF "green electromagnetics". 

Value was particularly placed on a detailed measurement around the beds to allow a deep and stress free sleep to guests.