Naturresort Schindelbruch, Stolberg, Germany Naturresort Schindelbruch, Stolberg, Germany Naturresort Schindelbruch, Stolberg, Germany Naturresort Schindelbruch, Stolberg, Germany Naturresort Schindelbruch, Stolberg, Germany Naturresort Schindelbruch, Stolberg, Germany Naturresort Schindelbruch, Stolberg, Germany Naturresort Schindelbruch, Stolberg, Germany Naturresort Schindelbruch, Stolberg, Germany Naturresort Schindelbruch, Stolberg, Germany Naturresort Schindelbruch, Stolberg, Germany Naturresort Schindelbruch, Stolberg, Germany
Germany, Stolberg

Nature Resort Schindelbruch

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Nature Resort Schindelbruch

Schindelbruch 1
Südharz OT Stolberg
Stolberg 06536, Germany
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Onto new horizons
Leave the daily routine and staines behind you and enjoy the nature, open your eyes for the new. Nature Resort Schindelbruch ,


The nature resort "Schindelbruch" is located in the midst of the protected Stolberger copper beeches and mixed forests, about 6 kilometers from the half-timbered town Stolberg. The hotel can be reached from each direction comfortably and quickly by car, using the new freeway A 38, as well as by public transport.*

The surrounding original nature, the fresh air and green so far as the eye can see, will free your mind and guarantee concentration upon the upcoming days.

Manager Susanne Kiefer describes it in such a way: "The house emits natural rest, the floor-to-ceiling windows at the hotel, the restaurants and spa area offer a phantastic view into the green.”

*On the hotel's website you'll find a individual description how to get to the "Schindelbruch"


Landmarked building

3 restaurants, fireplace room and a hotel bar to bring the day to a close

Fringe events, conference-all-inclusive and Work-Life-Balance Workshops

„1st climate-neutral hotel in Central Germany“ - in 2009

Awarded with the land tourism price as "a forerunner"


  • environmental protection
  • being local - authentic experiences
  • giving back
  • cultural commitment

The unspoiled  nature and the regional beauty of the Südharz is the biggest wealth of the region. We want to contribute to the fact that this treasure is discovered daily anew and is still well preserved.



98 rooms and suites in 8 categories

4 professionally equipped conference rooms with terraces, all rooms dispose of ample daylight and can be darkened completely.

Big hall "Auerberg diamond" with own terrace

Different room sizes, suitable for 4 up to 120 people

Creative breaks and varied break offers

Accompanied fringe events and group activities

Fireplace room + library

3 restaurants + 1 hotel bar

Tennis courts, Beachvolleyball and Beachfootball pitch

Fitness center with everyday courses and active programme

2,500 m² wellness area

Schindelbruch and the beginning


In 1928 the princes Stolberg established the hunting lodge “Schindelbruch” on a clearing of the mountain "Auer". Today the “Schindelbruch” is protected as a historic monument serving the guests as a venue, garden café and grillrestaurant.

Before the "Schindelbruch" was changed into the hotel "Harzhotel im Schindelbruch", after the Fall of the Wall, it became a small holiday home for a regional company at GDR times.

The hunting and forest society Stolberg/Harz mbH acquired the hotel in 2003, renovated and refurbished it and carefully extended the property. Already in the 90s, Dr. Clemens knight of Kempski, the owner and manager, dealt with sustainable forestry and the question of climate change.

In this respect it is not surprising, that this understanding finds itself as a common theme throughout the resort and is strictly implemented.

Today the "Schindelbruch" is a much quoted example for sustainable tourism. It won the land tourism prize as a "forerunner" and was awarded as the "1st climate-neutral hotel in Central Germany" in 2009.


Although one could get a different feeling at the "Schindelbruch", we all agree that seminars and conferences are no vacation. In order to concentrate and be productive in the forthcoming days, the hotel makes sure that you and your employees free yourselves from any strains, clear your heads and focus on the right things. With little travel expenditure you are in the midst of the nature, and with it at a place which fits to the environmental engagement of your company. With four professionally equipped conference rooms with a capacity from 4 up to 120 people, varied break offers, as well as diverse fringe events and group activities, you are at the right place for a successful time.

Green Initiatives

"Sustainbiliy and consciousness are the clips in dealing with our natural resources, other people and ourselves."


Vegetarian alternatives, seasonal and regional focus as well as bio-products with exemplary environmental balance.

Energy Consumption

Electricity is generated solely by water power and power-saving house technology. In addition, in the first year solar collectors have already accomplished 34.302 kWh – and therewith contributed a huge share to self-sufficiency.

The Holzpellets heating system covers the whole heat demand of the hotel to approx. 0°C outside temperature. Natural insulating materials and roofs planted with grass provide a healthy isolation, as well as the underfloor heatings for low preliminary heat temperatures.

Among the rest, the third hotel wing was equipped with a geothermal energy underfloor heating and an intelligent airing system with heat recovery!

Environmental Protection

The hunting and forest society Stolberg/Harz maintains and develops the woods all around the "Schindelbruch" in a sustainable way, they constitute an important CO2 storage.

Minimisation of the sealing of the healthy forest ground of the Großen Auerberg and appropriate local plantation – as defined by the regulations on biodiversity in the Resort and for the protection of the plants and animals.

Water Consumption

Use of surface water, which is processed in the water treatment. After it has been used and cleaned it is led back in the hotel’s sewage plant.

The pool is completely heated by a highly efficient heat exchanger, which additionally provides hot water for the dish washers.

Eco-friendly Products

Paper originates from a sustainable forest economy and corresponds to the strict rules of the Forest Steward-hip Council (FSC). Also the printers is FSC-certificated for the processing of paper.

Use of ecological detergents inhouse as well as by the partners: in the laundry all linen is cleaned according to certificated ecological standards.