Green Business & Conference Hotels

Sustainable Business & Conference Hotels, Worldwide

A green or sustainable conference hotel understands the environmental impact of hosting such an event, and will have tools and experience to make your conference more eco-friendly.
Hosting a conference at a green conference hotel is another way to demonstrate an organisation's commitment to sustainability. This can be demonstrated in the details of a conference; such as providing glasses and pitchers of water instead of bottled, using local and organic produce for meals, coordination with the venue to ensure lights and air conditioning are turned off when the room is not in use, or making sure all printed materials are on 100% recycled paper, etc.

Some examples of Green Conference protocols include:
- The venue provides staff and guests with information about green initiatives and encourages participation by all.
- All waste produced at the venue/conference should be separated at the source and well marked bins should be conveniently located in guest and staff areas.
-Instead of printing conference materials, provide attendees with a secure internet connection where they can download materials.