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Greener your trip through Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular and most traveled destinations in Asia. Have you ever thought about traveling environmentally friendly in Thailand? There are a lot of possibilities to greener your next trip to Thailand. The country has over 300 national parks and 17% of the land are designated areas for environmental protection.

Sustainable Tourism

The economy of Thailand is mostly depending on the tourism industry. To ensure the healthy development of the tourist destinations in Thailand, it is essential to lower the impact that mass tourism has on the environment and the community. Sustainable tourism takes care of the present needs while preserving the needs of future generations.

Eco Tourism

Thailand is known for its exceptional wildlife and lush greenery. To preserve the wonderful nature, the country's authorities are aware that tourism and its concept has to change.
There are a lot of possibilities to make your trip to Thailand environmentally - friendly. Travelers are offered sustainable life time experiences like living with local communities, staying at the houses of Thai Families, being part of projects that non-profit organisations as well as hotels offer. 


More and more travelers decide for a homestay vacation, which means they live with local hosts. It is an authentic way to get to know the way the locals live: learning how to cook traditional Thai dishes, assisting with the production of craftwork or go fishing with the local fishermen is part of the special experience. 


7 Greens of Thailand, helps you to greener your trip 

Green Heart -
Travel the eco-friendly way 

Green Logistic -
Choose clean vehicles for either short or long excursions 

Green Attractions -
Sustainable tourism management 

Green Activity -
Choose environmentally friendly travel itineraries 

Green Community -
Travel with awareness of value and preserve community identity 

Green Service -
Managing Business, consciousness and eco-friendliness 

Green Plus -
Volunteering brightens the world and cares for the environment 


  • environmental protection
  • being local - authentic experiences
  • giving back
  • cultural commitment

7 green ideas aims for everyone to realize how important it is to ease globe warming and support sustainable tourism

The Green Link - Phang-Nga

Did you know that Phang-Nga region, which is home to to five of the country’s most pristine national parks, is considered an emerging ecotourism destination in Thailand? Besides the sea-sun-sand demand the region offers local and authentic experiences, supporting local communities that offer green experiences to the guests. Visitors are invited to indulge in the unspoiled nature and learn about local culture and wisdom, livelihoods and green practices to preserve the environment.  

Amphore Kuraburi

Bamboo rafting is one of the experiences you should not miss. You are invited to explore the pristine nature and the clear emerald water along the three kilometers waterway. You can enjoy local life and have a lunch with bamboo tubes and rice. 

Ban Tat Din Dang

Located in Amphe Thai Mueng, Ban Tat Din Daeng offers a wide range of ecotourists activities like kayaking to learn more about the mangrove ecosystem, exploring hidden caves and visiting the island’s landmark, a cliff that resemble s the face of a giant.  Visitors are invited to enjoy the hydroponics vegetables  and clean eating menus.  

Koh Yao Noi

Ever since the villagers of Koh Yao Noie have protected the sea they depend on for generations. The villagers promote sustainable fishing practices which is the reason for the richness of resources. When visiting the island villagers take you to floating and lobster farms, rubber plantations and paddy fields by the sea. Other offers activities are fishing at night and learning to cook local sweets or make batik, tie and dye fabrics with natural colors 

Thailand's Royal Projects

A variety of impressive village-based community development projects have been implemented by His Majesty King Bhumibhol Adulyadej and members of Thailand’s Royal Family. The projects have been set up nationwide and are now open for small-scale tourism. The projects are models of alternative economic development and provide unique insights into the King’s concept of a sufficiency economy.

Trash Heroes

The mission of Trash Hero is to keep the world clean for future generations. With the creation of sustainable community based projects, the aim is to remove existing waste and inspire a long-term change of behavior in order to reduce future waste.  

Action and awareness, education, sustainable projects and inspiration are the key parts of the Trash Hero work. Actions speak louder than words - weekly environmental clean ups are as much part of the project as spreading educational information about the impact of trash on the environment. With the help of long-term projects, communities are brought together to manage their waste strategies better. After all, it is about motivating as many people as possible to join the movement and become Trash Heroes in everyday life. 


HiveSters is a hub for authentic and local Thai travel experiences.  The project is co-founded by Achi and Mint - two sisters born in a family travel business, who have the urge for explorations and adventures run through their veins. Ever since their childhood, Achi and Mint have explored Thailand’s hidden gems. Because of their local expertise they were often asked for recommendations for local activities. 

With HiveSters, they live their vision to share and promote sustainable Thai travel activities and hence contribute to a sustainable impact in Thailand tourism industry. The team works directly with local communities, social enterprises and individuals to create and promote their projects. 

While providing fun authentic adventures for the traveller, it is aimed to create positive impact by increasing the locals’ income, preserving the endangered cultural heritage, protecting the environment, and creating positive social changes.

Travel with awareness of value and preserve community identity

7 green ideas aims for everyone to realize how important it is to ease global warming and support sustainable tourism

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