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Green Heart, Thailand

Thailand and eco friendly travel

Buddhism trusts that once you set your mind on something, it can be achieved. The same belief works for being a green heart. When you are conscious about your environment, you will find a way to reduce the impact without being told to do so.

In tourism, all involved sectors must be conscious of environmental values and the threats that the travel industry proposes. Developing a green heart, and thereby implementing initiatives to preserve nature and reduce the carbon footprint can be conducted with three factors:

Knowledge, Understanding and Realization

The first factor of knowledge implies being informed about and aware of the world’s changing environment, which threatens all living beings. From being informed, an understanding of how things are intertwined is developed. There should be an understanding regarding how to contribute to a greener environment, such as exploiting less natural resource, adjust to a less polluting lifestyle and realize the value of resources like water, soil, air and forest. A third step is to actually put green approaches into action.

Therefore, the Tourism Authority of Thailand introduces guidelines for travelers to develop a green heart and thus preserve the environment:

✔ Strictly follow the rules and regulations set by officials at the attractions especially those ecologically challenged locale or historical and archeological sites or even ancient communities
✔ Get rid of garbage at the designated place or take it with you
✔ Use energy-saving vehicles
✔ If traveling with the agents, choose the itineraries that least affect resources and the environment
✔ Camp out only at the designated area
- Follow the marked trail to avoid short cuts and trampling over seedlings
✔ No feeding or touching of wild animals
✔ Never buy animals' body parts, relics or products made of or from rare or near extinct species
✔ No collection of fossils, shells, rocks
✔ Inform officials of misconducts by other tourists
✔ Do not verbally or physically disrespect the culture and local lifestyles

“Three factors involved in developing a green heart:
✔ Knowledge
✔ Understanding
✔ Realization”
Thailand and eco friendly travel environmentally travel in Thailand


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Buddhism beliefs in the power of mind. Once you set the mind on something, it can be achieved. Thailand Tourism Authority, http://7greens.tourismthailand.org/en/main

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