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Green Logistic, Thailand

Going by boat in Thailand

With Green Logistics, Thailand encourages eco-friendly means of transportation  

Thailand’s tourism authority raises awareness of eco-friendly transportation solutions by encouraging travelers to change their mode of transportation. The change in travel behavior can support a more efficiently use of energy and a switch to alternative energy. Also operators are encouraged to use eco-friendly public instead of private transportation.  

Various projects have been successfully implemented to reduce energy consumption. One example is the “Travel by Train" initiative - a cooperation of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the State Railway of Thailand (SRT). The project was convenient, safe and saved energy. Other examples are the BMTA’s Temple Tour or Ratanakosin Cultural Trail.

Next to public transport, travelling shorter distances by bike is another option that is not only eco-friendly but healthy. Attractions should provide tourists with more information on ways to get there and make the suitable decision.

For people who still decide to use private transportation, TAT created Green Logistic Guidelines:

✔ Car pool helps to reduce the number of cars, save gas and reduce CO2 emissions
✔ Don't overload your vehicle
✔ Maintain the appropriate amount of air pressure in all tyre. Lower air pressure consumes 30 percent more gas that the normal level.
✔ Constant maintenance of car to ensure safety and help lower the gas consumption
✔ Driving around 90 km/hour for long distances reduces the gas consumption
✔ Switch to alternative energy like biodiesel or ethanol
✔ Avoid rush hours
✔ Turn off the engine when stopping for long

“Travel on bikes is not only nature friendly but healthy ”
Biking in Thailand eco friendly Transport


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