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The everyday experience teaches that those who are traveling a lot improve their power of judgement; to observe the habits and customs of foreign people, opens the mind and helps to loose prejudices.“ François Pierre Guillaume Guizot

Germany is green - discover sustainable destinations with Green Pearls® Unique Places

Get inspired by untouched nature, experience vibrating cities with centuries-old history and unique culture, or discover the German rivers by boat. Walking, riding a bike, canoeing are only some of the possibilities to spend your vacation more eco-friendly.  Whether you decide for vegan, regional, or bio food, the choice is big. Germany offers a very good net of public transportation, so that you do not have to depend on the car.

What is a sustainble destination?

Many regions in Germany have committed themselves to a sustainable development. But what exactly does this mean and what are the criteria for destiantions to operate more sustainable?

The first step is to define and implement a touristic concept and strategy on how to realize to act more sustainable. The sustainable touristic offers have to to focus on regional products in order to strengthens the region and contribute to the regional companies.

The protection of the environment, the support of the cultural identity and the focus on the region are the mandatory requirements for a region to be able to act as a sustainable destination. The destination supports those companies that contribute to sustainability.  

Green Pearls® destinations for your eco-friendly holidays

Green Pearls® introduces regions in Germany which will spoil you with great sustainable attractions for your holidays. Traveling more consciously means having fun, explore new ways and take home unique experiences.

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Ethical touring and unforgettable experiences

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Ethical touring and unforgettable experiences