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Canada consists of three territories and ten provinces. Canada is a parliamentary-democratic federal state and, moreover, a parliamentary monarchy. Titular head of state is queen Elisabeth II, which is represented David Johnston as a governor general.

In terms of surface area Canada is the second largest state of the world. The North American state is limited to the arctic ocean in the north, borders to the Pacific in the west and to the Atlantic in the east. The only frontier - the frontier to the United States - is located in the south and northwest. Over 70% of the country are covered with huge nature reserves, above all in the tundra and mountain regions. A specifically Canadian interest is the environmental politics of Canada. Today's most important factor of tourism in Canada is the country's nature. Altogether 43 national parks and more than 1500 provincial parks contribute to protect this nature. In addition to this, the world's oldest national park management "Parks Canada" was established in Canada in 1911. Green Pearls Unique Places offers unique destinations in Canada.

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