Climate Protection Project

The climate protection project of the Hotel Leitlhof is the Dongliuxi Erji hydroelectric power plant, which is in the province of Hubei in China.

Driven by the Dongliuxi river the hydroelectric power plant generates renewable energy for Central China power Grid. The hydroelectric power plant has a whole achievement of 12.6 MW, and driven by the Dongliuxi river both 6.3kV generators with attached turbines produce about 46.6 GWh clean stream yearly.

Compared to the current electric production of fossil energy sources, the hydroelectric power plant operator Changyang Jinglong Hydropower Development yearly prevents an output of about 44.912 t CO2 emissions.

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Leitlhof Dolomiten Hotel – Pool
Leitlhof - Dolomiten "The hotel’s own wood power station, which produces electricity with wood chips from our own forest, contributes significantly to our almost CO2 neutral record." - Family Mühlmann, Leitlhof-Dolomiten Read more