Coral Freedom

Phi Phi, Thailand - Zeavola, Koh Phi Phi’s leading Five Star PADI dive resort, is offering divers the opportunity to combine a luxury diving holiday with assisting in the fight against coral bleaching and other damage to the Andaman's threatened coral reefs.

Zeavola is conducting seminars to allow its guests to learn about the coral reefs, their fragility, their purpose for the eco system and what to do and what not to do around corals. The guests are invited after lunch and with some cookies in a meeting room with presentation, lots of pictures and comprehensive explanations. Afterwards the guests will dive to see a coral nursery and an artificial reef constructed 7 years ago and seems to be holding up to a certain degree. The seminar is free of charge and the resort only charges for the dive afterwards.

What else is Zeavola doing:

  • Training of all hotel staff
  • Zeavola will train the kids in school and if possible also the Sea Gypsies
  • Zeavola will set new buoys in snorkel areas close to the resort
  • Zeavola will actively help to work on the nursery and to replant the coral babies when the time is right
  • Guests who are well trained could assist in this matter

“We are strongly committed to living and working together with nature in a sustainable manner to protect the biodiversity of our local marine ecosystems“ - Florian Hallerman, MD Zeavola

Eco luxurious pool villa at Zeavola Resort in Thailand
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Sustainable Green Travel-Experiences and Projects

Sustainable living with nature is a big focus at the Zeavola, since the nature will present a very tough bill when its not respected. This is not a fashionable trend on this island but a daily necessity. We invite our guests to use this valuable resource carefully when in our hotel. Visit one of Thailand's most awarded eco friendly luxury hotels.