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Arosea Life Balance Hotel

Kuppelwies am See 355

I-39016 St. Walburg

Ultental bei Meran/South Tyrol

“The Stauder Family is looking forward to welcoming you to Val d'Ultimo, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the lifestyle of the Arosea Life Balance Hotel.” Anne Stauder · Tim · Thomas Gerstgrasser


The traditional Ultental in South Tyrol is the perfect location for the eco wellness and nature hotel Arosea Life Balance. The Arosea connects past with present, tradition and modern age.

New ideas and trends are developed taking into account traditional values. This concept applies to all areas, from the rooms to the wellness area, the restaurant and the kitchen.

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  • Unique location in South Tyrol combing tradition and modern life
  • Botanic Architecture
  • Only natural materials like Swiss pine wood, slate rock and sheep’s wool
  • Seasonable and regional food in bio quality
  • Unwinding and wellness
  • Yoga courses, hiking, bicycle tours, snowshoeing
  • Holistic approach focusing on the human being
Green Pearls® Score for Arosea Life Balance Hotel

“Sustainability in practice, a holistic approach emphasizing the human being and a careful and healthy life style is what the Arosea stands for.”

environmental protection

being local - authentic experiences

giving back

cultural commitment

Hotel room © Arosea Life Balance Hotel

Rooms and Amenities

64 rooms and suites: 1 Suite with 85 m², 11 suites with 65 m² und 52 double rooms with 36 m²

  • Dietary kitchen, breakfast buffet, menu choice
  • Beauty farm, wellness, massage, sauna, steam bath, fitness room

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Anne Stauder, Thomas Gerstgarsser, Tim, Besitzer Arosea Life Balance Hotel

The History and Philosophy

Once upon a time there was a small girl who dreamt of building a hotel one day.

In 2007 the dream came true for the girl – meanwhile an adult woman. Anne Stauder and her husband Thomas Gerstgrasser opened the AROSEA Life Balance hotel together in Ultental, South Tyrol.

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Green Initiatives

The protection and respect for nature is a matter truly dear to the heart of the owners of the Arosea Life Balance in Santa Walburga, South Tyrol.

  • Botanic architecture
  • Environment
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Food
  • Social Projects

Past, present, tradition and modern age are connected in a natural way.

  • Only natural materials like pine wood, slate rock and sheep’s wool are used. Pine wood is said to be bactericidal and lowers the heart frequency for a restful sleep. During the day the contained flavonoids and ethereal oils provide for an increased vitality.
  • The used slate rock has a restorative effect on the body.
  • The sheep’s wool which is harvested directly on site at Ultental is isolating, warming and at the same time permeable. It is said to have a self-cleansing function. Taking a warm bath in the wool helps the decontamination processes, strengthens the immune system and fights migraine and cellulite.
  • Bedlinen and towels are not changed daily
  • Biodegradable toiletries
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning detergents
  • During the construction of the hotel the local flora and fauna was protected
  • Biological cultivation
  • “Water is an old element of the living nature. Cradle of life and centre of everything which is alive.” (S. György)
    Natural, pure water is rich in life-making energy and the most important element of our earth. Therefore guests are provided with Granderwasser free of charge at the swimming-pool, room or at the bar of the Arosea Life Balance Hotel.
  • Water saving is monitored
  • Water saving toilet flush
  • The protection and sustainable handling of the environment are part of the Arosea’s philosophy.
  • Heating:  Biomass-heating plant, Ultental.
  • The used fuel consists of untreated and unused capped wood, leftovers of saw mills, flip chips and bark. Thus the routes of transport are minimized and this contributes to the reduction of air pollution.
  • For the community this is an additional  income,-
  • The farmers can generate an additional income by selling wood to the district’s heating plant.

All Waste is separated and disposed of sustainably.

The wellness hotel Arosea Life Balance focuses on a healthy kitchen with agreeable and natural-pure products

  • The large part of the used products comes from biological cultivation, from regional suppliers so that freshness and naturalness are guaranteed.
  • No flavorings like glutamate are used, no chemical additives, no baking powder with chemical acidification components, no long-life milk.
  • Seasonal kitchen from seasonal fruit and vegetables.
  • Fresh spice herbs are not only used for seasoning, but are also used as a herbal remedies. Return to the tradition of natural remedies.
  • Colors for the mind and the palate: The chromatics influence the composition of the dishes which are composed according to the natural shadings of blossoms and plants. Colored herbs, flowers and plants are used, for example dandelion or elder flowers.
  • The use of healthy fat provides for an optimum admission of the nutrients of herbs, plants and fruit. The butter used here is produced on South Tyrollean farms.
  • Only sea salt and home-made herbal salts are used as seasoning.
  • Diverse choice of bio-bread rolls at the buffet which are purchased from the bakery Ultner bread – the 1st bio-bakery in South Tyrol.


  • Tributes to Bambi
  • Kindness4Kids
  • Africa project of Dr. Schale