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Thailand, Koh Samui Surat Thani

The Tongsai Bay

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The Tongsai Bay

84 Moo 5, Bo Phut
Koh Samui
Koh Samui Surat Thani 84320, Thailand
Direct to the Hotel
Tongsai Bay, a spot on Koh Samui where trees are not felled, no insecticides or chemical fertilizers are used in the green hotel grounds and humans are kind to animals Thanakorn Hoontrakul


The Tongsai Bay is proud to be the first five star green hotel on Koh Samui, built in 1985. Since opening in 1987 it has established itself as the leading family owned green hotel on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. Set within lush tropical gardens on a hillside overlooking a secluded bay it consists of 83 suites, cottages, and villas. The Tongsai Bay also known as "A bath with a view" has a bathtub on the spacious terraces and a stunning ocean view, enabling guests to enjoy their tropical surroundings. The beach is exclusive to the guests, no beach vendors and no motorized water sports. The guest will find a place where time stops and body and soul can unwind. Its passionate love for the environment, the friendliness and professionalism of its staff makes a stay an unforgettable experience. Rightly The Tongsai Bay is said to be the most romantic hotel on Samui.


  • 25 acres of Land that is totally secluded and the guests never hear traffic or noisy neighbors
  • Private tranquil beach due to the location
  • A laid back experience in a luxury sustainable green resort enjoying an extraordinary and personal service
  • Early and Late Check-Out possible
  • Enjoy eco-friendly vacation in a green awarded hotel


  • environmental protection
  • being local - authentic experiences
  • giving back
  • cultural commitment

In 1987 the Tongsai Bay was established with the mandate of preserving nature. The resort was built around the nature.


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Conditions: minimum stay of 3 nights (not available for peak season)

Rooms & Amenities

83 Rooms, 2 Restaurants, 1 Beach Bistro, 1 Lobby Lounge Bar, Game Room, Wifi, 2 Swimming Pools, Tennis court, Gym, Spa

Beachfront suite
: ca.72-86m2, 3-storey building, with sea view, situated directly at the pool 
Cottage suite and 5 Pool Cottage Suites: 68-78m2, situated in the hills, bath with a view

Tongsai Grand villa: ca.165m2, located on the hillside, with fantastic look about the bay
Tongsai Pool villa: ca.189m2, with private pool

Tongsai Bay History

In 1985 Akorn Hoontrakul, at this time chairman of "The Imperial Hotel Group", saw the Bay from the sea and fell in love at first sight. Within seven days Akorn purchased the land. He slept at the beach for three months, dreaming of his ideal resort, and started to plan the layout and location of the rooms. Not a single tree has been cut down and no damage was caused to the beautiful natural surroundings. In July 1987 the Tongsai Bay was opened and became the first five-star luxury green hotel on Koh Samui, Thailand, under the umbrella of The Imperial Hotel Group. Following a period of illness in 1993, Khun Akorn sold the Imperial Hotel Group and kept The Tongsai Bay, because he wanted to live out the rest of his life there with his beloved wife Chompunute. When Akorn passed away in 2000, the management of The Tongsai Bay went to the capable hands of his son, Thanakorn and his daughter in-law, Saisiri who both share Akorn’s passion for the environment and for providing the highest standards of hospitality and service. The Tongsai Bay developed its own ‘Green Project’,  being a sustainable, green resort from the beginning. This is now the model for many new hotels who also desire to preserve the island’s natural environment for future generations.

New Pool Cottage Suites

Pool Cottage Suite (88-98 sq.m.)

5 units 

Maximum occupancy: 3 adults or 2 adults + 1 child

Set among the Cottage Suites, all 5 Pool Cottage suites offer a private plunge pool (20 sq.m.) surrounded by birds and butterflies alive and free.

Split level floor enables the view from the air-conditioned living area as well as the open air terrace area with an outdoor bathtub. 

Sun bathe, take a dip under the moonlight or a midnight swim are all possible all in your own time.

Protection of the environment was the first priotity when attaching the pool to the Cottages 


The Tongsai Bay Projects and Initiatives

Protection of animals and plants

Around 60 different kinds of birds which can only to be found in this part of Koh Samiu

An interview with a resident pink-necked Pigeon at Tongsai Bay

"There is plenty of space to share with other fellow refugees and it is safe here.
The humans leave us alone.There is a huge variety of food for us,not poisoned.
Life goes on and I learn one thing...
We can share space with humans peacefully...

Support of Dog Rescue Center

Environmental Protection

The Tongsai Bay is a Green Leaf accredited Resort that employs a full time Green Projects Manager, who trains, educates and develops the Tongsai Bay's systems or processes for environmental protection.

Key areas of focus are;

  • Conservation of Animals and Plants
  • Garbage Management/Recycling
  • In house production of Effective Micro-organism liquid (EM) and minimization of chemical useage
  • Energy saving (water, electricity, oil and gas)
  • The Education of Environmental Awareness both within Tongsai Bay and beyond
  • Participation of Community Services

The Tongsai Bay also contributes to the local community, the greater Thailand region and abroad. The Tongsai Bay is part of ‘Tourism Authroity of Thailand' – The 7 Green Concepts, The Green Island Foundation – Koh Samui, The Low Carbon School Project and is winner of;

  • 2012 GIFFTS – (Great Initiatives for Today’s (Tomorrow’s) society) – Philanthropy Leader
  • 2009 GIFFTS – (Great Initiatives for Today’s (Tomorrow’s) society) - Philanthropy Leader
  • 2007 Green Leaf Foundation – Environmentally Friendly Hotel2007 Kuoni Green Planet Award2006 GIFTTS -  (Great Initiatives for Today’s (Tomorrow’s) society
  • 2005 Green Accommodation in Gold Class – Department of Environment Development Promotion

Conservation of Flora and Fauna

The Tongsai opened in 1987,  at this time Tongsai Bay was the first ‘green’ in thinking  resort– the resort was designed and built to ensure that most large preexisting trees were not felled. The design took a great deal of time to incorporate the natural topography of the existing land and the flora upon it. Some Cottages have charming characteristics such as large boulders shaping features internally or externally along with villas where large trees are now the centre piece of balconies that have been built around it.

The Tongsai Bay has internal policies that do not allow any staff member to cut down trees or act in any manner that may cause harm to any animal.

Animals that are found deceased on Tongsai Bay land are sent to a local vet for an autopsy to ensure that any passing is of natural causes and ensure that Tongsai operations are not a factor casuing death.

Starting in July 2012, the Animal & Nature Protection Group (A Tongsai Bay founded group) worked with the greater staff body of Tongsai Bay on a plantation project on neighboring land to the resort – during this project over 130 trees were planted for which the Gardening team continue maintain weekly.

When the Tongsai Bay added the pools, they removed (transfered) some trees which were standing in front of the terraces where the pools were supposed to be bulit, without killing them. The trees have  been replanted elsewhere on the hotel's ground.

Waste Management

  • Garbage is separated into each category (metal, glass, paper, plastic, hazardous material, etc).  Leftover food, leaves, and branches are sent to the organic garden to be made into fertilizers. Reduce garbage by using reusable materials.
  • Minimize chemical use by changing to eco-friendly toilet/bath cleaners; including fruits peel that are fermented with EM (Effective Microorganism).  Bio-degradable plastic bags & straws. Biochemical product for bath amenities.

Energy and Water Consumption

  • Energy saving light bulb
  • Air-filled tap water
  • Signs in the guest room for saving water
  • Water heating tank is linked to the air condition condensing for  heat exchange
  • Used water is purified in a septic tank with EM liqui i(Effective Microorganism liquid). Water is then given to the plants in the resort afterward

Being Local - Authentic

  • Cooperative Social Responsibility
  • Interact, support, and share our knowledge with local children
  • Garbage Management Awareness at Ban Plai Lam School
  • Education of konwledge on local trees and planting trees in the resort
  • Energy saving traini
  • Learning about local trees and planting trees 
  • Local staff
  • Local food
  • Organic Garden

Giving Back

  • Cooperative Social Responsibility
  • Contribution to the Society
  • Donation for building school canteen & fire station
  • Provide massage at the local hospital
  • Community clean up
  • Samui care free day
  • Inspection at the organic garden


The Tongsai Bay replaced the wooden floor that was exposed to sun and rain, with a concrete structure and finished with large stone tiles. This in effect reduces the wear and tear of the wood and the wooden structure underneath which need replacing every now and then. Hard wood is always needed for the purpose and as such in Thailand, it is still difficult to know where the wood comes from. So to change part of the structure on the terrace from wood to concrete reduces the need for wood replacement.

Sustainable Green Travel Experiences and Green Projects

Tongsai Bay, a spot on Koh Samui where trees are not felled, no insecticides or chemical fertilizers are used in the hotel’s grounds and humans are kind to animals