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Creativhotel Luise

Sophienstr. 10
Erlangen 91052, Germany
Direct to the Hotel
We are proud of the fact that we have a very low CO2 footprint for five years and are awarded as climate-neutral hotel. Ben Förtsch ,


Creativhotel Luise, as the first climate-neutral hotel in Franconia, surprises and spoils its guests for three generations. The philosophy of the family-run hotel in Erlangen is carried by the consciousness of the responsibility towards next generations.
It belongs to one of the most eco-friendly city-hotels in Germany. You are welcomed to stay in rooms with a good and healthy atmosphere, a high sleeping quality, quiet location, wellness area, bio-vital breakfast and a highly motivated service team.
Some of the rooms are furnished according to Feng-Shui principles, where guests can feel like "being home" from the very first moment.


Quiet location in the city centre 

Rooms with environmental passport

Free room service for disabled

Wellness area

Local and organic breakfast


  • environmental protection
  • being local - authentic experiences
  • giving back
  • cultural commitment


Benefits for Green Pearls Members

Support sustainable tourism and receive a benefit.

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Make a reservation through our website or book directly at Creativhotel Luise with the code "Green Pearls" and enjoy an organic welcome Prosecco, and take a little surprise and an eco- and business man-friendly rubber duck home with you.

Rooms & Amenities

95 rooms:

55 Single rooms

  3 Double rooms

  8 Feng Shui Rooms (can be used as single or double)

27 Junior Suites (single, double, three bed)

  2 Suites (single, double, three bed or four bed) 



Direct Parking at the hotel; Parking space for disabled

Barrier- free

Feng Shui Rooms

Double bed or three quarter bed, Feng Shui mobile, Wi-Fi, little french balcony, rooms with solid wood and eco passport

Snuggle Suite (40qm)

romantic and rustic design, tiled stove, Feng Shui mobile, refrigerator, safe, Wi-Fi

The green Story

When Klaus Förtsch took over the hotel from his parents at the end of the 80s he started implementing the green philosophy - terms like "green weirdo" were still harmless.

Founded in 1956, the Creativhotel Luise in Erlangen, Germany, was one of the forerunners regarding sustainability in the hotel industry. Today the house is led in third generation by Ben Förtsch who unites the influences of the different generations and improves the green tradition and the sustainable efforts of the hotel day by day. 

The family-run Creativhotel Luise stands for the fact that sustainability and economic efficiency do not exclude themselves. It is an example how to integrate the already existing and the new to be efficient, sustainable and climate-neutral. The hotel operates according to ecological principles with the priority to fulfill the responsibility towards future generations. 

Also the employees, who are already occupied for a very long time at the hotel, identify themselves completly with the philosophy of the house and transfer this feeling to the guests. For this very reason, guests come over and over again.

Green Initiatives

The family-run hotel operates according to ecological principles, with its priority to fulfill the responsibility towards future generations.

CO2 footprint

Since 2010 the Creativhotel Luise has a CO2 footprint and belongs to the first climate-neutral hotel in Franconia, Germany. The CO2 result per overnight stay is only at 10.24 kg. This corresponds to the excellent climate-efficiency class A. Viabono certified the hotel’s CO2 footprint, which is calculated on a yearly base. The average emission of a 3 star hotel amounts to 35 kg CO2 per overnight stay, which is much higher than at the Creativhotel Luise in Erlangen.


  • Solar installation for the heat production of water and heating, otherwise use of energy-efficient district heating of the Erlanger public utilities
  • Use of ecological energy from hydroelectric power plants only
  • Support of the Solar-mobile association Erlangen inc. and partner of the solar filling station, which is located on the opposite site of the hotel
  • Battery station for electric cars and own electric car

Waste Management

Usage of jumbo packages in order to avoid garbage.

Organic Pass

Family Förtsch not only cares about the nature, but also about the well-being of their guests. Therefore, the creative hotel uses only high-quality and environmental friendly materials.

  • Furniture from local wood
  • Living plants improve the room climate
  • Largely shielded electric lines avoid the electric smog
  • Wallpaper made of recycling paper, smoothed with beeswax
  • All colors, varnish and glues are biological and solvent-free
  • Carpeted floors free of pollutant and without foam back
  • Cork linoleum
  • The toilet is rinsed with rainwater
  • The shower water is warmed up by a solar installation
  • Mattresses friendly to body withpure new wool and duckboards free of metal

Social Responsibility

  • Support of environment protection projects
  • Active integration of all employees 
  • Support of local, social and cultural projects
  • Discarded pieces of furniture and electronics are given away to students or are given away, for example, to flood victims
  • Cross-generational Team
  • Close and direct contact to suppliers

Organic Breakfast

Local and organic products.