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Italy, Milan

Hotel Milano Scala

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Hotel Milano Scala

Via dell'Orso 7
Milan 20121, Italy
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We are proud to welcome you in the first Zero-Emission Hotel in Milan.


The small 4 star Zero-Emission Boutique Hotel with only 62 rooms on seven floors is located in centre of Milan. It offers the guest a perfect location in walking distance to the district of Brera, the Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the Castello Sforzesco, the La Scala Theatre and the luxury shopping district, Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga. Of the 62 rooms 23 directly overlook Via dell’Orso, while the rest, point to the inner courtyard of the palace, retain the spirit and the planting of the “case di ringhiera” of a charming old Milan. The 4 Suites and 10 Junior Suites have been themed using the names of the most important operas and are enriched using pictures and props; some have a bedroom and a second bathroom on the second level. Eco-chic style, classical music, Organic Green cuisine and a terrace overlooking the city with natural herbs being used for the kitchen. It was opened in 2010 as first and only Zero-Emission Hotel in Milano, no CO2 emissions will be released in the atmosphere during the guest's stay, to stop polluting the air.


First Zero-Emission Hotel in Milan

All cultural sites, restaurants and shopping streets are in walking distance

Eco-chic style and a terrace overlooking the city

Organic green cuisine with natural herbs from the terrace garden





  • environmental protection
  • being local - authentic experiences
  • giving back
  • cultural commitment

Concern for the environment is the focus around which was born and developed as the project of Hotel Milano Scala


Rooms & Amenities

Eco-Friendly Boutique Hotel with 62 rooms:

4 Suites (48-58 sqm)
6 Junior Suites (38-48 sqm)
9 Single Rooms (18 sqm)
13 Superior Double Rooms (33 sqm)
30 Double Classic Rooms (24 sqm)
Roof Top Garden 

The Story of Hotel Milanoscala

Hotel Milano Scala was inaugurated in September 2010 in the heart of Milan's most vibrant area, rich in history and tradition. Located in the heart of the Brera district, a few steps from Via Montenapoleone, Duomo and Piazza della Scala, the hotel is housed in a historical 1800 Milanese palazzo and is an example of how reconcile the concept of contemporary hospitality, passion for music, charm and sophistication of a Boutique hotel is with the sensitivity to environmental issues. Eco-chic style, classical music, Organic Green cuisine and a terrace overlooking the city: An experience engaging the senses, to give wellness to the body and elevates the mind. That's what Hotel Milano Scala offers its guests, taking care of every detail so that a simple stay becomes a unique, exciting and engaging occasion.

Hotel Milano Scala Green Inititatives

Energy Consumption

The use of water to water warm pumps, for heating as well as for the air-conditioning, without release of pollutants, is not the only aim which has been realised to reduce the energy consumption and the environmental impact. The hotel is equipped with an automated and computer-controlled system which controls for the dosage of the parametrers of heating and cooling and their relative power consumption.
The rooms are administered by magnetic cards to optimise the consumption; the windows are equipped with magnetic contacts which block the system when and while opened. In the kitchen induction plates permit fast and cooking loosing any heat.

Water Consumption

The water consumption in the rooms is very low thanks to the use of filters, although at the same time a maximum in comfort is guaranteed for the guests.


The building was built in order that a high degree of heat insulation and sound absorption was reached and with the outside facade the division of the outer walls was exactly planned, with maximum point of view on the loss of heat, insulation and sound absorption.


Green Building Council Italy: Manifesto of Members:
"The buildings in which the we live, work, and have fun in our free time represent the most significant human intervention with regard to the environmental impact and the use of natural resources. Design, build, and live our settings in terms of environmental, social and economic development can and should be an achievable goal."

The Green Building Council Italy, in conjunction with the GBC in other countries and in particular with the U.S. GBC (which has ownership of the LEED rating system), is a voluntary association of companies, institutions and structures, based on consensus and on the enhancement of integration of scientific expertise and operational skills, pursuing, through the development and adaptation of LEED to the Italian context, the aim of market transforming in such a way that "green buildings" - buildings with low environmental impact – can become “normal” and accepted as real society elements. One of the first objectives will be the adaptation of LEED ® to Italian reality, to make an instrument of growth and development through the comparison with all those involved in sustainable construction.
The members of GBC Italy, sharing all this, choose to be active leaders engaging in first person, in their field as well as in the GBC Italy activities of the, to work for:

  • Develop and offer high-profile and successful sustainable building and products
  • Offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to meet the different needs of the real estate, consistent with the policies of sustainability and characterized by a high quality service for guests
  • Promote a continuous growth of skills in the building industry as a whole, and thus enhance the performance criteria of LEED Italy
  • Promoting tangible and intangible benefits of "green buildings" throughout the life cycle of buildings, including the environmental, economic and social benefits
  • Promote adherence to the GBC Italy between leaders and stakeholders of private and public real estate - develop tools and innovative support services for LEED products
  • Strengthening LEED as the standard of activities relating to "green buildings" for our homes and non-residential buildings and consolidate their developments in Italy and Europe
  • Make known to industrial sector the level reached by the most up to date and useful innovations
  • Support the GBC Italy in its LEED culture spread among citizens, businesses, governments at various levels as a reference to define and implement policies for sustainability.

Electric Car

Milano Scala has a company electric car, 100% non-polluting.MISSION Hotel in Milano

Green and sustainable Travel-Experiences

Project "A Drop of Life" (Una goccia di vita)otel Milano Scala supports the activities of AMREF. In line with the mission of sustainability and ethical responsibility that Hotel Milano Scala promotes since his opening, it was decided in 2013 to support the activities of AMREF - African Medical & Research Foundation for the construction of a giant well in Kenya.