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Switzerland , Rorschacherberg

Schloss Wartegg

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Schloss Wartegg

Von Blarer Weg
Rorschacherberg 9404 , Switzerland
Direct to the Hotel
"Our 3 company values we care about most: inspiring atmosphere, great craftsmanship, honest, sustainable partnership." Imelda Senn, Gastgeberin


A journey to Bio-Schlosshotel Wartegg takes you to the fantastic Lake Constance region in the Eastern part of Switzerland. Next to gorgeous nature and wide views over the English garden grounds, cultural and culinary highlights await you in the fairy-tale setting of the castle, but most importantly: time and space to rest.
After a relaxing sleep in the individually designed rooms, enjoy a breakfast buffet made from certified organic products.
Enjoy a walk through the largest Suisse hotel park, a beautifully set up garden monument in which Empress Zita once took a stroll. Here you will discover majestic green, playful streams, soft clearings and also the castle’s sheep. As bicycle path hotel, Schloss Wartegg is the perfect starting point for active eco-friendly bike tours into the surrounding nature with views one simply cannot get enough from.
While the children amuse themselves in the Children’s playroom, it is time for you to take a rest. Recover from stress in the Historic Bath with royal atmosphere or enjoy the cultural and concert program of Schloss Wartegg. Simply arrive and relax!


Enchanting Historic Castle

Wonderful Views on Neighbouring Lake Constance

English Park

Cultural and artistic Events

Exclusively Organic Products 


  • environmental protection
  • being local - authentic experiences
  • giving back
  • cultural commitment

The Historic Swiss Hotel Schloss Wartegg combines enchanting comfort with an eco-friendly organic focus, cultural tradition,and authentic experiences. 





With beautiful views on either park or Lake Constance side, all 25 individually designed rooms of the castle hotel provide a fantastic view over the adjacent untouched Swiss nature. 

Breakfastbuffet with organic products included 

High-quality natural materials and mattresses 

LAN connection
Family room with separate children’s room
Children’s Playroom 
Fresh biological Slow-food kitchen with 13 Gault Millau Points
Swiss Historic Hotel and Historic Hotel of Europe 
English Park with national meaning from 1830, the greatest hotel park of Switzerland, with integrated Demeter Garden 
Historic Turquoise Bath from 1928 (bookable for exclusive use)

History & Philosophy

Schloss Wartegg looks back on a vivid traditional history. Built in 1557 by Kaspar Blauer von Wartensee as former manor, it has been used over time as refuge and exile. Also Empress Zita found refuge here after the empire ended. During the last renovations in 1929, staircase and Turquoise Bath using Persian glace techniques were integrated, after that the castle ruined visibly. 1994, the Mijnssen’s took over the castle and a large part of the park,  and they renovated it to be today’s sustainable modern hotel.

The in 1860 arranged park nowadays enthuses visitors as national garden monument. The Foundation Landscape Park Wartegg, the Development Association Wartegg and Culture Association Wartegg enable artistic and cultural developments at the castle.


In midst of the beautiful Swiss nature, your hosts Imelda Senn and Richard Butz as well as the Wartegg team take care that you feel completely at ease. An inspiring atmosphere surrounds you during your sustainable stay at the castle. The unique mix of culinary and cultural highlights as well as loving attention to detail and eco-friendly initiatives will make your stay at Schloss Wartegg unforgettable!

A true highlight at Schloss Wartegg are the castle owned Bündner Oberländer Sheep, an endangered breed. Vitality and adaptability characterize this special breed, that is quite similar to the original sheep breed. The idea originally arose to revive the park and also for landscape conservation reasons, as the sheep will make all mowing dispensable. From spring to autumn the sheep graze and move in the park, while in winter they enjoy their hay at a stationary place. With the lamb’s wool is used for spinning wool and to make blankets from it that are then sold. Occasionally the guests can benefit from the local meat that the free-range sheep provide. Schloss Wartegg contributes to give a future to the noble race. 

Green Initiatives

Cultural Commitment

  • Historic venue
  • National Garden Monument 
  • Cultural artistic Events


  • Natural materials - solid wood from the region and the park, sandstone from neighborhood
  • Wood is oiled and not painted 
  • Natural textiles - no synthetics
  • Use of natural colors and lime plaster 
  • Use of natural mattresses

Energy and Mobility

  • 100% green electricity 
  • Hydroelectric power plant
  • Velo and E-Bikes


  • Certified Organic products 
  • Own vegetables from castle garden 

Environmental Protection

  • Detergents are 100% biological degradable 
  • Cleaning with steam without additives
  • Office material with eco label (blauer Engel)
  • Natural cosmetics in the rooms

Bündner Oberländer Sheep

  • Keeping of endangered breed, the Bündner Oberländer Sheep
  • Used for landscape revive the park and for landscape conservation
  • Used for Wool production and production of blankets