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General information on Curaçao

The Caribbean Island Curaçao with a size of 444 km² forms together with Aruba and Bonaire the ABC Islands in the Lesser Antilles. Geographically, it belongs to South America and used to be the biggest island of the Netherlands Antilles. Only since October 2010, Curaçao is an independent country within the kingdom of the Netherlands. Today, more than 150.000 inhabitants live at Curaçao, most of them in the capital city of Willemstad.

The official languages are Dutch, English and Papiamentu - a Creole language that is formed by Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch elements. Next to harbor industry, offshore banking and limited local production, the most important industries are oil production as well as tourism. All year round, the pulsating life, the paradisiacal beaches and mild climate is a magnet for travelers from around the world. On Curaçao, you willquickly discover many beautifullyconserved colonialarchitecture. The tonal range of the island is a bitless brightly colourful as the other Caribbean Islands.

Best time to travel is January until May. The rainy season is usually between November and January. Curaçao is extremely tropicaland the temperatures varyjust slightly during the year. The sea temperature, at anaverageof 27 °C, allowsfor the enjoymentofwatersports and cocktails in one of the beach chairs throughoutthe year.

History of Curaçao

Curaçao looks back at a vivid history. For hundreds of years, it was inhabited by the native people of Awarak, since it was populated by the Spanish in 1499. Impressed by the size of the natives, they named their discovery Isla de los Gigantes (island of the giants). Curaçao stayed in Spanish hands, until it was conquered by Johan van Walbeeck for the Dutch West Indies Company in 1634. The island was the centre of the Caribbean slave trade long until the 18th century. The British occupied the dutch island during the Napoleonic Wars, but it was returned to the Netherlands in 1816.

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