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Hotel Niedersachsen, Sylt

Margarethenstr. 5

Island Sylt, Schleswig-Holstein

Westerland 25980, Germany

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“Discover the special experience to live closer to nature than usually – at Hotel Niedersachsen.” Hotel Niedersachsen


Naturally comforted…that is the feeling you get at Hotel Niedersachsen on the island Sylt, right from the beginning of your stay. The feeling of safety and comfort is a promise that is the hotel’s focus since over three generations.

Also in 2015, Sylt's most natural hotel obtained the sustainability certificate for the areas of ecology, economy and sustainability. The hotel proudly reports that 100% green power is generated by water power. Being guest at Hotel Niedersachsen, you will experience the nature vividly.

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  • Elegant, modern nordic architecture
  • 100m to the beach and pedestrian zone
  • Breakfast with regional bio products
  • Sauna with rest area in the patio
  • Pure Sylt Feeling
  • Feel-good atmosphere
  • Reading room with 800 books
  • Garden with Boules field
Green Pearls® Score for Hotel Niedersachsen, Sylt

environmental protection

being local - authentic experiences

giving back

cultural commitment

Rooms & Amenities

Chose between 35 rooms, suites and holiday apartments, all of which are distinctively furnished in clear modern style.

  • Slatted frames and multilayered mattresses ensure relaxing nights. Naturally without steel parts, to reduce smog.
  • Technology and LAN instead of WLAN allow two of the room categories to be classified as “electric smog poor“

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Once upon a time

Situated in a quiet road close to the beach the hotel Niedersachsen is only a few meters away from the Friedrichstrasse in Westerland on the island Sylt, Germany.

In 1892 the house was built, and over the years it was altered and renovated several times. Since 1991 today’s owner Werner Scheidt leads the hotel and also has refurbished it. Founded in 1925 from the owner’s grandparents under the same name, the small hotel company this year celebrates its 90-year-old jubilee.

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Exceptional Architecture

The exceptional architecture surprises you before you have even entered the house. With its elegant wooden facade, Hotel Niedersachsen blends in harmoniously in the townscape as well as the landscape.

Because of the close proximity to the World Cultural Heritage Wadden Sea, it is a natural obligation for the hotel to be in harmony with nature. Therefore, ecological aspects like low CO2 impact and low energy input are as important to the hotel Niedersachsen, as the feel-good factor of the guests.

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Green Initiatives

  • Architecture
  • Energy
  • Local Products
  • Climate Partner


  • The hotel enlargement in 2009 was established with the newest architectural methods. The first four-storied timber house of Northern Germany.
  • The head office of 1892 was completely integrated into the new construction body.


  • Hotel Niedersachsen is a climate neutral hotel
  • Natural heat from the earth’s interior is used for the heating of the hotel and the hot-water supply
  • Up to 50% of the whole power demand of the hotel can be covered regeneratively by this geothermal system with heat pump.
  • Since March 2016, a cogeneration unit supports the efficient, sustainable energy supply; from December 2016, also the hotel owned laundry techniques will be supplied by the cogeneration unit
  • The rooms and bathrooms have low-tempered under-floor heatings which can also be used in summer by return principle for cooling
  • A modern ventilation system provides fresh and oxygen-rich air in the breakfast area, the event rooms, the sauna area and the rooms.
  • Besides, the whole exhaust air is led through a ventilation system with heat recovery and the regained heat is supplied to the delivery air
  • in 2015, only 8,69 kg CO2 have been generated per guest per night
  • The CO2 production is compensated with  the climate protection project „water treatment in West Kenia”

Local Products

When it comes to food and beverages, Hotel Niedersachsen counts on nature. The hotel places great value on the products’ origin and therefore offers a great variety of local, natural products: marmelade, eggs, milk products and much more comes from the region. Since March, 2013 the hotel Niedersachsen is converting its assortment to organic products.

Many of the products are fair trade.

Climate Neutral Hotel


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Climate Neutral Hotel

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