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Hunas Falls by Amaya

Elkaduwa 21012, Sri Lanka

“All the way to Hunas Falls by Amaya, it was so beautiful. When we just got there we were stunned by the beauty of this place! Looks like someone painted it out and the beauty is breathtaking and so peaceful. You just look around and can´t believe it´s real!” Malmichal, Herzlia, Israel


The dramatic backdrop of the cascading Hunas Falls dominates this idyllic mountain retreat, 26 km from Sri Lanka‘s hill capital Kandy.

Nestled amidst the lush green forest of Elkaduwa in the Hunnasgiriya Hills, Hunas Falls by Amaya offers the perfect base from which to explore the region's spectacular scenery, characterized by steep tea plantations and expanses of spice cultivations.

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  • Bird Watching - with a total of 133 birds, including the White Bellied Fish Eagle which is considered the largest predatory bird in the country.
  • Spectacular Waterfalls including the beautiful Hunas Falls, one of the most picturesque spots in Sri Lanka.
  • Various trails and tours
  • Hunasgiriya summit located at 1490 meters above sea level and offers panoramic view of the Knuckles range, Victoria reservoir, Kandy, and more.
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“Hunas falls hotel is not only committed to preserving nature but also to enhance the naturalness of the environment.”

environmental protection

being local - authentic experiences

giving back

cultural commitment

Hunas Falls- Dinner Table

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Rooms & Amenities

  • 28 Deluxe rooms with3 different categories: Cardamom Suite, Katsura Suite and Highlander Suite
  • Ayurvedic Spa – individual treatments with techniques and herbal ingredients specifically chosen to meet each person’s body and lifestyle.
  • Relaxation: Swimming Pool, Golf, Billiards and Pool Lounge, Croquet, Badminton, Shopping Boutique, Library, Jungle Treks, Hiking, Cycling, Boat ride, Bird watching, Tea Estate Tours, Excursions

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Hunas Falls- Landscape

How it began

A French couple who often used to visit Sri Lanka fell in love with the scenic location and started to dream of building a hotel. With the help of Mr. Dusty Miller, entrepreneur, business man and owner of the Colombo Commercial Company and the architect Mr. Balasooriya Hunas Falls by Amaya was ceremonially opened in 1971. In 1976 the government took over the hotel and converted it into a state-run business.

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  • Events
  • A popular venue for weddings, meetings & incentives.
  • Facilities include the 2850 Sq.ft. Banquet & conference hall, featuring a separate entrance & parking area.
  • A smaller committee room is also available.
Hunas Falls- Culture

Being a Responsible Company

“At Amaya Resorts, we are convinced that our responsible approach to tourism is a decisive factor determining the long term success of our resorts. While complying with the professional standards and ethical values we strive to assume or corporate responsibilities in every aspect of our work.

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Green Initiatives

Hunas falls hotel is committed not only to preserving nature. but also to enhance the naturalness of the environment.

  • Water Consumption
  • Energy Consumption
  • Food
  • Waste Management
  • Social Commitment
  • Other Environmental Actions

Water Consumption

  • Treated water from the Sewage Treatment Plant is reused for the garden. (About 90% of used water)
  • Monitoring water usage on daily basis and also checking about any deviations.
  • Water storage tanks and taps are checked daily for leakages by a duty technician.
  • The staff has been trained to reduce water when rinsing dishes for the dishwasher.
  • Notices in rooms give guests the option of reusing their towels to conserve water. This also cuts down laundry costs and use of detergents.
  • Preventative maintenance is carried out on a planned schedule. During these checks, valves and level controls of water tanks are examined for leaks.
  • If anyone observes water leakage inside (rooms) or in the outside areas they have been informed to contact the duty technician for immediate solution.

Energy Consumption

  • The hotels environmental practices are governed by a Green Directory which outlines all acceptable practices relating to Waste / Water / Energy Management.
  • An Environmental Management System (EMS) committee monitors and implements the hotels environmental practices according to the green directory.
  • Presently, the initial analysis in order to obtain the ISO 14001 certification is carried out.
  • Up to now about 60% of bulbs used are LED – it is envisaged that the rest will be changed within the next three months.
  • A Key card system links to the power supply system in guest rooms.
  • Daily monitoring & controlling of energy usage within the hotel area.
  • Using color code system for the lighting in public areas. The color code system is a guideline, which controls the number of lights that are switched on according to the usage. All the staff has been instructed to strictly follow the color cord system.
  • Electricity from the Mini hydro power plant is used to power the garden lighting.
  • Solar and electrically heated system generates hot water. The electrical system uses very minimal electricity consumption. (Approximately 84 kWh/day)


  • As a HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control point. Food production, storage and distribution monitoring system for identification and control of associated health hazards. It is aimed at prevention of contamination, instead of end product evaluation.) Certified hotel: all products are purchased from suppliers who are certified with the relevant certifications that match with HACCP.
  • The temperature of cool storage items is checked on arrival & if it’s below the stranded level it is not purchased.
  • USE of CFC free cool rooms/refrigerator systems and daily checks & updating temperature reports related to the cool storage.
  • The hotel purchases locally produced products such as vegetables /fruits , etc., as much as possible.

Waste Management

  • Garbage is separated according to the international color cord system.
  • All wet garbage is sent over to a nearby piggery.
  • Use of plastic has been reduced. Complementary bottles of water, which are given to guests in their rooms have been changed from PET bottles to glass bottles.
  • All recyclable items are sold to respective collectors of plastic and metal items for recycling purposes and the income is donated to the staff welfare society fund.

Social Commitment

Hiring local

Hunas Falls Hotel Foundation for Children, supports the education of first Grade students so that also children of low income households can continue their education without interruption.

Carrying out cleaning campaigns inside and outside the hotel premises with the participation of the villagers and school children. This is used as a medium to educate them about environmental preservation and better practices.

The hotel is used as a model for operations and a familiarization facility for the Supply and Secretariat School of the Sri Lankan Naval and Maritime Academy of the Sri Lankan Navy. Each year two batches visit the hotel on familiarization and education tours where they are educated on the hotel operations. So far 6 batches have undergone this program since 2013.

The hotel carries out regular training programs/seminars in the local schools about environmental conservation and training programs for university graduates in hotel management.

The hotel provides awareness programs to the local tourist service providers such as taxi and trishaw drivers in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Police/Tourist Police and the local government

The hotel supports local crafts and industries by showcasing them in the craft village organized within the hotel at least once a month.

Other Environmental Actions

A tree planting program is in place, as an initiative to replant the undeveloped land, that belong to the hotel in collaboration with the guests, villagers and school children. Up to now about 30 acres of land have been planted.

90% of the fertilizer used for gardening is organic. (Compost and cow dung).

Only readily biodegradable chemicals are used for laundry / cleaning purposes.