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i pini

Loc. Santa Margherita 37
I-53037 San Gimignano SI

“Once you pass the majestic entrance gate beneath the high growing pine trees you sense that you will spend your days stressless in a place that makes you feel like home.” i pini


The Bio-Agrivilla i pini lies picturesquely in the midst of olive groves and vineyards near the medieval city centre in San Gimignano in Tuscany.

The organic vegan vineyard with historical roots is dedicated to a sustainable holistic philosophy.  The owners are most passionate about creating a link between culture, design and tradition.

When you are looking for tranquility, relaxation and digital detox this is the location to be. Real luxury lies in simplicity: Whether you enjoy the panoramic view from the saltwater pool, a glass of home-made wine under the century-old olive tree, or unwind in the hammock between pines.

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  • Picturesquely in the midst of olive groves and vineyards
  • Saltwater pool with panoramic view
  • Midieval city center, world cultural heritage of the Unesco since 1990
  • 100 % vegan kitchen, fresh home-grown organic ingredients
  • House under monumental protection, all materials used for the construction are biological with a special focus on vegan alternatives
  • Meditation retreats
  • Digital Detox
  • Vegan cooking classes
  • Permaculture workshops
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environmental protection

being local - authentic experiences

giving back

cultural commitment

sustainable and vegan interior at i pini

Rooms and Amenities

  • 11 newly renovated eco friendly rooms and suites
  • Ecological construction method with sole healthy, sustainable building materials inside
  • No phone, TV, or Wi-Fi. Fondly restored wooden furniture telling stories of the past instead.
  • All rooms preserved its historical character and are furnished with love to the detail.
  • The walls are build from lime, clay and hemp, the tiles are made from Cotto as known centuries ago
  • The linen is  made from natural materials like hand-woven linen and Fairtrade bio-cotton.
  • Panoramic terrace with view to San Gimignano
  • Natural dining room
vegan organic and permaculture at i pini

Philosophy and history

i pini is small, fine, with an idyllic location. The building dated from the early 16th.century, the time of the high-level Renaissance, is protected as historic monument and belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage San Gimignano, one of the best preserved medieval towns in the world.

The town experienced her the epoch of bloom by trade and cultivation of saffron. From i pini, once the country estate of influential businessmen, you have a breathtaking view to the town which is also called “Mittelalterliches Manhattan” or the „town of the towers“. This unimpeded view of the towers is preserved till today.

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Green initiatives

  • Architecture
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Garbage
  • Food


  • Biological Architecture (bioedilizia)
  • House under monumental protection
  • Preservation of the existing, historical structures (house from 16 Jhdt.)
  • Outer walls made of stone
  • Inner walls: Lime mixture with rice chaff
  • All materials used for the construction are biological with a special focus on vegan alternatives (according to the information of the developer only bio-materials were used with a special focus on vegan)
  • Hand-made Cotto (a sort of sound tiles)
  • Upcycling of old antiques (e.g., new upholstery), i.e. old furniture was preserved and  and modernized
  • Saltwater pool instead of chlorine


  • Solar cells for the hot-water production
  • Water tank for rainwater used for the garden irrigation
  • Own organic cultivation (bunches of grapes, olive oil, saffron, all fruit and vegetables) which makes i pini a self-caterer
  • Organic cotton used for the bedclothes, biodegradable cosmetics and cleaning agent without animal testing
  • Hardly sealed surfaces/Asphalting to guarantee water drain.
  • Biodiversity
  • No pesticides


  • WLAN is working only at few places in the house, for the reason to keep it radiation free Besides, the WLAN is switched off at night ti guarantee a sleep free of radiation at night (headword: “Digital Detox”)
  • Tempered wall cooling/-heating through concurrent isolation of the roof and the walls without any energy losses
  • Renunciation of energy-eating air-conditionings
  • Air-dried laundry


  • Plastic avoidance
  • Strict garbage separation (internal training measures and regular control of the standards)
  • Biodegradable mattresses
  • Own organic-compost producing the humus which is used for fertilizing


  • In house production
  • Hand made (“Made by people!”)
  • Locally and regional
  • Seasonally
  • Exclusively vegan kitchen
  • Organic quality