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Sustainable Diving Experiences means diving without regrets, Worldwide

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Vacation under water - The aim of every diving-eager

Worldwide, diving spots attract divers with their coral reefs, tropical fishs and archaeological wrecks. To preserve these beautiful spots also for future generations, to protect the underwater world and to conserve the coral reefs as ecosystems, Green Pearls® and its member hotels worldwide stand up for sustainable dive vacation and eco-friendly diving trips. Green Pearls®' sustainable dive hotels and dive resorts offer you, as a beginner as well as as an advanced scuba diver, the ideal diving bases for an unforgettable and at the same time enviromentally friendly diving vacation in Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Oman, the Maldives and Tanzania. At the same time, your stay at the sustainable dive hotels and dive resorts support their underwater projects, like the ‚Coral Freedom‘ project of the dive resort Zeavola in Thailand.