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When thinking of a safari most people think of Africa. With good reasons because the word 'safari‘ originates from the Swahili language (it is spoken in East Africa) and means 'travel‘


Enjoy a sustainable safari

The countries of Africa feature with their game reserves, national parks, fascinating animal world, endless deserts and snowy volcanoes a natural variety that only waits to get discovered on safari tour. However, also in other parts of the world you can enjoy a safari. Find your personal adventure on a desert safari in Dubai, on a jungle safari in India or on exploratory expedition of the animal world of Sri Lanka or the Amazon in Peru.

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Green Pearls® offers sustainable hotels, eco-friendly resorts, eco lodges and luxury eco camps in South Africa, East Africa and North Africa, Asia and South America. Explore the natural variety of our earth in a sustainable manner and support our member hotels with their environment protection.