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Reethi Beach Resort

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Reethi Beach Resort

Fonimagoodhoo Island
Baa Atoll
Maldives , Indian Ocean
Direct to the Hotel
Since reducing one’s own carbon footprint is no real achievement should this create a negative impact elsewhere, we believe that future changes must take root within our immediate surroundings by inextricably linking environmental commitment to social commitment


Reethi Beach Resort is an idyllic private island escape, only a scenic 35 minutes seaplane flight from the capital Male. The resort is located in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll, on the tiny island of Fonimagoodhoo.

Only 17% of the land area is built upon and the resort is nestled amidst lush vegetation shaded by graceful palm trees, surrounded by a white sandy beach and a lagoon of crystal clear water, with a beautiful house reef just 30m to 100m from shore.

Reethi Beach offers a range of 120 stunning detached and semi-detached villas built from natural materials in a typical Maldivian style, providing first class comfort in a spectacular setting.
There are five restaurants and five bars in locations ranging from poolside, beach front and directly over the lagoon.

The reefs of the atoll are in pristine condition, the fish life is dazzling, and whether you are a diver or a snorkeler, the unspoiled beauty of the underwater life is readily apparent.


Hanifaru Bay, one of the most famous manta and whale shark aggregation points in the country, is just a short boat ride away from Reethi Beach. 

If you wish to explore the Indian Ocean above water a wide range of water sports activities is available.

To indulge yourself, highly skilled Balinese spa therapists offer a pampering experience tailored to meet the needs of the individual, including a variety of massages, body and hair treatments, pedicures, manicures, facials and spa packages. 


  • environmental protection
  • being local - authentic experiences
  • giving back
  • cultural commitment

Reethi Beach Resort has always shared these concerns about operations in such a fragile environment and since the management take-over of the resort more than 15 years ago such issues have topped every agenda.



120 villas, 5 restaurants, 5 Bars, Spa, Watersports Center


Reethi Villa
“Reethi” in the local language means beautiful. 40 detached or semi-detached Reethi Villas (38m²), just steps from the beach with partial open-air bathroom with shower, terrace and deck chairs.


Deluxe Villa
50 detached beachfront Deluxe Villas are located by the exquisite sandy beach with a breathtaking view of the crystal clear lagoon and boasting a larger sitting area and a traditional Maldivian swing just outside the room. 

Water Villa 
30 semi-detached Water Villas built on stilts over the clear waters of the lagoon, designed especially for the ocean lover. Equipped with a bathroom with bathtub and separate shower, bathrobes, large sitting area, DVD player, tea and coffee making facilities, balcony with sitting area, direct lagoon access and a tropical ocean view, parasol and sun loungers (with mattress).

Reethi Beach and its Philosophy

The resort was born out of the passion and desire to create and share a unique yet welcoming place where nature meets comfort & style. Reethi Beach is committed to the maintenance of a sustainable, eco-friendly environment, continually aiming to improve its conservation policies.

The definition of luxury is attention to detail without compromising on the fragile environment, unsurpassed friendly service and unique experiences for every guest being welclomed on the sland in a comfortable yet stylish setting. It is the ambition to provide guests with memorable experiences and a desire to return again, and again.

Reethi Beach and its Green Initiatives

In a destination where even the slightest activity may induce a disproportionate reaction, addressing environmental concerns, raising awareness and taking positive action have always been inter-linked components in achieving success.

Sustainable and Social policies

Reethi Beach Resort has always shared these concerns about operations in such a fragile environment and since the management take-over of the resort more than 15 years ago such issues have topped every agenda.

Water and Energy

  • Installation of an Energy Recovery System at the resort’s desalination plant in 2006, vastly increasing its efficiency.
  • Commissioning underground tanks of 170 ton capacity for rain water harvesting with additional capacity planned. The daily water consumption is around 200 tons and the water desalination plant is now among the single most power consuming procedures on the island.
  • Recycling of treated water for irrigation purposes.
  • Hot water production through Heat Exchange, drawing residual energy from running power generators to supply all guest and staff rooms, kitchen outlets and laundry; system installed in 2010, operational in 2011
  • From mid 2011, using hot water from the heat exchange cycle for a Drying-Room, avoiding many running hours of large industrial dryers.
  • Power-Keys installed in all rooms and a request for the re-use of towels and bed linen is an industry standard.
  • Opting to replace low wattage CFL light bulbs with even more efficient LED lighting, to avoid the negative effects of CFL.
  • Inverter type air conditioning units replacing older models at an approximate energy saving of 50%

Waste Management

  • Bottling of their own drinking water in re-usable glass bottles, since August 2010, thereby effecting a saving of over 400 disposable plastic bottles every day.
  • Complete halt of the usage of plastic straws (2010) and plastic bags (in outlets 2008 and rooms 2011)
  • Re-fillable guest toiletries.
  • Withdrawal of usage of disposable paper towels and drink coasters; portioned packaging served is reduced to the minimum.
  • Efficient “RRR” Waste Management, focussing on raising awareness among staff and local communities.
  • Recyclable materials segregated and made compact for shipping.
  • Household batteries re-exported to Europe for proper disposal.
  • Emphasis on purchasing local produce.
  • Emphasis on purchasing bulk & catering packaging.

Saving Chemicals

  • Alternative pool cleaning without chlorine – sanitizing through ionization, introduced in 2010, extended to include the sanitizing of the spa Jacuzzi in 2011.
  • Completely chemical-free mosquito control.
  • Neem and Citronella oil used as pest repellents.
  • Biodegradable, phosphate-free cleaning products.

Social Engagement

  • Support and assistance of neighboring communities with various projects.
  • Acting as a platform for sales and promotion of local products and services, such as lampshades from Kihaadhoo, lacquer ware from Hithadhoo, folklore shows from Kendhoo and Kamadhoo.
  • Including the Kudarikili home museum as an excursion option.
  • Supporting school projects in Kamadhoo, Kihadhoo, Dhonfan, Eydhafushi, Thulhadhoo, Goidhoo…
  • Assisting with regular waste management in three local islands in Goidhoo Atoll.
  • Non-bureaucratic support with transport and logistics as well as maintenance for all neighboring local islands.
  • Tree planting for guests on Reethi Beach with fund-raising component.
  • Donation of rescue rings for the harbours of Dharavandhoo, Dhonfanu, Kamadhoo, Kihaadhoo.
  • Since 2010 for each Christmas card sent, US$1 is donated to ‘Tiny Hearts’, a local NGO supporting children with heart problems.
  • Annual draw among local staff to fund one Hajj pilgrimage.
  • Support and Assistance provided to other international social and environmental projects, such as “Donate a Dollar” (largest single contributor in 2010), “Their Future Today” (contributing first prize for the annual charity tombola since 2009), “Shark Savers”, “Shark Project”, etc.

Green Travel Experiences and Green Projects

“Since 2000, Reethi Beach Resort is committed to the principles of sustainability, continually striving to reduce the negative environmental footprint while improving the quality of its products.”