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Code of Conduct for Dolphins Watching , Maldives

Dolphin protection Six Senses Laamu

Six Senses Laamu has become the first resort in the Maldives to establish and implement a Code of Conduct for dolphin watching in order to protect the local spinner and bottlenose dolphins, and to ensure the future sustainability of their populations.

Pioneering its successful application this code has been implemented by resident biologist, Rachel Lambert.
Dolphin watching is a positive activity as it allows guests to see these highly intelligent and charismatic animals in their natural environmet. The code of conduct for dolphin watching rounds out the Six Senses Sustainability Policy for Six Senses Laamu: “To improve the ecological footprint of biodiversity conservation, preservation and restoration within the resort as well as nearby surrounding areas.”

Some specifics of the Six Senses Laamu Code of Conduct include:

• Keep at least 50 metres away – two boat lengths
• Do not approach from directly behind or head on
• Allow the dolphins to choose to approach the boat
• No rapid changes in speed or direction – be predictable
• 6 knots when within 150 metres
• Do not cut them off or chase them
• Do not separate mothers and calves

“Bottlenose dolphins are known worldwide as Genus Tursiops, as they communicate through burst pulsed sounds, whistles, and body language. ”
Protecting dolphins Six Senses Laamu Six Senses Laamu dolphin watching

Six Senses Laamu, eco-sustainable resort

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Six Senses is fully committed to developing a sustainable business by using the indicators set out by Agenda 21 and Green Globe Benchmarking.