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Inspira Santa Marta Hotel

R. de Santa Marta 48

Lisbon 1150-297Portugal

“More than a 4-star boutique hotel, Inspira Santa Marta Hotel is a true oasis in the center of Lisbon. In spite of its location in an active and boisterous part of the city, Inspira Hotel offers all the tranquility required for your moments of leisure or business.” Inspira Santa Marta Hotel


Inspira Santa Marta Hotel is a true Urban Oasis that offers a wide range of premium services. The hotel’s location, right in the heart of Lisbon, allows its guests to enjoy all the city life and at the same time, find the necessary tranquility to enjoy pure relaxation moments. The Retreat Spa, one true hidden gem, with sauna, jacuzzi, steam bath, six treatment rooms and a fully equipped fitness room confers comfort and well-being. Throughout the entire hotel, including public spaces, rooms and spa, it is impossible to ignore the Feng Shui influence, which represents perfectly the identity of this oasis, located just a few steps away from Avenida da Liberdade.

The environmental policy and the significant role that Inspira Santa Marta Hotel plays in several social responsibility initiatives are two of the most important characteristics of this hotel and have contributed for its recognition and distinction both on a national and international level. To provide its guests with the most complete experience, this eco-friendly hotel also boasts a show cooking restaurant, Open Brasserie Mediterrânica, based on a Mediterranean inspired cuisine which also includes gluten free options.


  • Environmental sustainability policy
  • Central location
  • Enjoy both: city life & pure relaxation
  • Showcooking restaurant with direct street access
  • Mediterranean inspried cuisine
  • Meeting rooms with latest technology
  • Retreat spa
  • Cozy bar with fireplace
Green Pearls® Score for Inspira Santa Marta Hotel

“INSPIRA invests in sustainable strategies and differentiating technology infrastructure, services and operations in its hotels so that once action is taken, employees and customers will cause a minimized impact on the environment.”

environmental protection

being local - authentic experiences

giving back

cultural commitment

Rooms & Amenities

89 rooms

  • 2 equipped rooms for guests with disabilities and special needs
  • Restaurant with direct street access, an open kitchen, fresh & local food
  • Bar with fireplace and cozy atmosphere
  • 2 meeting rooms with latest technology
  • Spa with sauna, steam bath, wet areas and 6 treatment rooms
  • Gym with range of modern work out machines
 All rooms are non-smoking, with a 24 h room service and private parking in the heart of Lisbon.

The various decorative styles make the rooms much more than just a place to sleep – they are places where guests can rest and feel good. The exceptional atmosphere is created with light, color, sound, vibrant energy and materials, which are carefully put together with a view to providing memorable experiences for both leisure and business travelers.

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel and its philosophy

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel building was purchased in 2006 by Inspira Hotel Management, which conducted between 2007 and 2009 the total reconstruction of its interior, while retaining the characteristic features of the existing façade. The original building dated from the end of the 18th century, and its facade is an example of Baroque and civil Pombal architecture.

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel is located in Coração de Jesus parish with exemplary buildings of Lisbon’s heritage and historic value, for example: the former Convent and Church of Santa Marta (now Santa Marta Hospital), Condes de Redondo Palace (current Universidad Autónoma) and former Santa Joana Convent (now headquarters of public services).

Sustainability is part of the Inspira identity, and for this very reason, the Portuguese hotel prides itself on its policy of environmental sustainability which reigns across the entire project. This is reflected in aspects as the use of low environmental impact materials or the rational use of paper. The hotel’s sustainability policy also extends to the restaurant with regard to the quality and procurement of local produce and best practices implemented.

Green Initiatives

INSPIRA SANTA MARTA Hotel invests in sustainable strategies and differentiating technology infrastructure, services and operations, so that once action is taken, employees and customers will cause a minimized impact on the environment.

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Biodiversity
  • What Guests Can Do


  • 100% Renewable Energy
  • Solar Heater Panels
  • LED and Lower Energy Consumption Lighting
  • Energy Star equipment
  • Lighting Sensors
  • Card System Master Control Switch (MCS)
  • Double glazed windows in all rooms
  • Lobby skylight with heat-reflecting film
  • Cork flooring rooms (energy saver thermal material)
  • Rockwool insulation
  • Building Management System (BMS)


  • Flat mops cleaning system
  • Eco Label and Biodegradable cleaning products and amenities
  • Low flow aerators
  • Taps with sensors
  • Dilution control systems
  • Dual flush toilets


  • Paper-free hand dryers
  • Amenity dispensers
  • Recycled paper
  • Organic waste recycling
  • Waste sorting in all hotel operations
  • Paperless procedures (ex.: electronic billing and contracts)
  • Water served in refilled and recycled glass bottles
  • Take back suppliers policy
  • Licensed waste operators


  • Preference given to biological and local products
  • MSC certified or sustainable fishery (whenever possible)
  • Protected Designation of Origin products (PDO, whenever possible)
  • Endemic and national plant species
  • Sponsorship of biodiversity preservation actions at Tapada
  • Militar de Mafra
  • Sponsorship of biodiversity initiatives

What Guests Can Do

Small steps that can make the difference!


  • Turn off your electrical appliances when they are not in use. (ex.: air conditioning, batteries, lights, printers, computer screens, etc…)
  • Turn off your iron 5 minutes before you finish ironing your clothes
  • For as long as the air condition is on, keep your windows shut
  • Choose low consumption light bulbs and appliances


  • Don’t throw garbage in the toilet and avoid any unnecessary flushing
  • Avoid keeping tap water running while you don’t need it (washing hands, brushing teeth, shaving or showering)
  • Make sure you choose ecolabel and biodegradable cleaning and hygiene products
  • Whenever you need to use a washing machine, make sure it is fully loaded and set in the appropriate washing program


  • Make sure you only print the documents you really need, using both front and back of a paper sheet
  • Say no to plastic bags, give preference to reusable ones
  • Sort your garbage correctly using the appropriate containers
  • for each type of material
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Certifications