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WildSpring Guest Habitat

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WildSpring Guest Habitat

92978 Cemetery Loop Rd
Port Orford, OR 97465, United States of America (USA)
Direct to the Hotel
"I would tell you that the moments you spend here are sacred in a way that no other place in your journey will be, but if you are here, you should already know.”
- Jasper & Beth, Guest Journal


This intimate eco-friendly luxury resort is located on Oregon’s south coast, where mountains and forests meet the ocean. In this tranquil and beautiful setting guests can unburden themselves of daily life and reconnect with nature while still enjoying comfortable luxury. The cabins are designed to feel like small homes and are full of antiques and artwork. Each of the five cabins are situated for optimum privacy and surrounded by 100 ft trees in a quiet and peaceful second growth forest. It is possible to never see another guest except at the breakfast buffet. From the Guest Hall’s large deck guests can enjoy sweeping views of the ocean while eating breakfast or simply relaxing. They can immerse themselves in the large hot tub overlooking the ocean, swing in a hammock and watch the swaying treetops, or schedule an in-cabin massage. There is a peaceful walking labyrinth for guests who wish to meditate, pray or reflect. A short walk takes you to an uncrowded beach to search for agates and driftwood. Nearby there is a lovely small town with art galleries, hiking trails, a rare “dolly dock” port and historical sites. WildSpring was recently awarded the Governor’s 2013 Sustainable Tourism Leadership Award, and is carbon neutral.


  • From the open-air slate hot tub, watch for whales by day and the Milky Way at night.
  • Enjoy a massage in the privacy of your own cabin. 
  • Sleep to the sound of wind through the trees and wake up to deer outside your window.
  • Enjoy an optimum of privacy
  • Within only minutes walking distance you will find an uncrowded beach to search for agates and driftwood.


  • environmental protection
  • being local - authentic experiences
  • giving back
  • cultural commitment

WildSpring is fortunate to be located in an astonishingly beautiful part of our planet. We try to keep it that way.




There are five cabin suites - all feature comfortable and spacious living and sleeping areas, radiant floor heating, refrigerator, spa robes, Gilchrist & Soames natural body-care products, oversized walk-in slate shower, flat-panel LCD TV/DVD player (with a free library of almost 600 DVDs), CD/iPod stereo, WiFi and more. 

The Guest Hall serves as a gathering place for guests during their stay, where a breakfast buffet is served every morning. And, guests can help themselves to coffee, teas, hot chocolate, juice, fruit, popcorn and chocolates(!) at any time. Play a game or just gaze at the ocean on the Guest Halls expansive deck. WildSpring offers a naturally beautiful parklike environment in a private, residential forest, with a walking labyrinth, sculpture garden, lounging areas, picnic tables and spa. 

The Story Behind WildSpring

"When we traveled, we liked to stay in guest houses or cabins, trying to get away from the herd of elephants that always seemed to stay in the room above us or the pack of hyenas in the room next door." - Dean & Michelle, owners.

Tired of the hectic and crowded life in Los Angeles, US, the couple began to dream of one day being able to have a life and make a living at the same time. While on vacations, they would often imagine what it would be like to move there, buy a house, and open a guesthouse. This was the very beginning of WildSpring and slowly the dream grew into a reality. Starting with the idea of a small eco-resort was easy, deciding on a location was a little more difficult. Prices and zoning regulations made their native California out of reach. When driving along the Pacific coast heading back to L.A. from a family wedding in Salem, Oregon, they fell in love with the Oregon coast. As soon as they arrived home, Michelle began researching potential properties and land use laws. Michelle and Dean fell in love with an Internet listing for the property and offered to buy it sight unseen! During negotiations the sellers decided to take the property off the market, forcing the couple to keep looking up and down the coast...but nothing seemed right. Four months later the property was back up for sale, and the rest - as they say - is history.  

WildSpring Green Initiatives

  • During construction, they used responsible local contractors and situated cabins to avoid the removal of trees. In fact, only two trees had to be removed during the whole construction of the cabins.
  • Everything that guests see or touch is made of natural materials.
  • Wherever building code allowed, sustainable materials were used.
  • All the wooden furniture in the cabins are restored vintage or antiques.  Many of the lighting fixtures and decorative pieces have been similarly brought back to life.
  • All the vegetation is native to the area

  • All appliances are selected for their low energy consumption.
  • Light bulbs used are low wattage and high efficiency.
  • The Guest House features sky lights and large windows to allow in natural light.
  • All outdoor lighting is a 12v system, directed to the ground to protect the starry nights and on a timer.

  • All cleaning and laundry products are nontoxic, pH-neutral, and scent free.
  • All appliances are low-flow.
  • The landscaping is designed to depend on natural rainfall.  If any occasional watering is necessary it is done by well water, so what comes from the ground returns to the ground.


  • All stationary and promotional materials are printed on recycled paper. Preference is given to electronic modes of communication.
  • All the bags used for chocolate truffles and bin liners are compostable. All in-cabin water glasses are compostable.
  • When possible local and organic produce and flowers are purchased.
  • All recyclables are collected, sorted and taken to appropriate recycling facilities. All food waste is given to a local farm for animal feed and composting.

  • Unused food is donated to those in need.
  • Participates in Oregon Travel Philanthropy by donating $1 for every stay. Guests can donate an additional $1, $3, $5.
  • Participates in Clean the World program.