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The Pimalai Resort & Spa

99 Moo 5, Ba Kan Tiang Beach

Koh Lanta Yai Island

Krabi 81150, Thailand

“From Krabi mainland, it takes about 1 hour by the resort boat to reach the Pimalai. It is worth bearing this hardship in order to find such a unique lost boutique paradise in tourist Thailand...”


Peace, Serenity, Solitude. These are the words that come to mind for Pimalai. Add to that luxury, elegance, natural surroundings and genuine friendly service.

The Pimalai, Koh Lanta is nestled in a lush tropical forest, it is the Andaman luxury destination combining all the right ingredients - subtle five star comforts, natural beauty, environmental friendliness and lots of space. Located far away from crowded beaches and other boutique resorts on Koh Lanta and close to Lanta Marine National Park, the only sound is that of the waves sliding in and out and slowly breaking onto the sandy beach.

Built within the rainforest as it meets the silver ocean strand, you would hardly know Pimalai was there. This boutique beach resort occupies 100 acres of tropical vegetation with direct access to a 900 meters stretch of pristine sandy beach and offers 121 accommodation units - Deluxe, Bayfront Deluxe, Pavillion Suite, Beach Villa and Pool Villa - all very elegantly appointed.

Pimalai Resort & Spa Krabi belongs to Thailand's most awarded green hotels & green resorts.


  • Enjoy staying in a green resort with natural beauty, primary forest, a protected environment, subtle 5* comforts, a pristine and unique green beach
  • Fine Dining in 4 exclusive restaurants, authentically Thai kitchen, Fusion and International Dining
  • Spend your vacation in one of the most famous eco friendly luxury hotels of Thailand
  • The Pimalai belongs to the Green hotels of Thailand awarded for its sustainable efforts and idea
Green Pearls® Score for The Pimalai Resort & Spa

“Pimalai has a green and environmental and energy policy. The focus is on maintaining indigenous flora fauna as well as protecting the environment.”

environmental protection

being local - authentic experiences

giving back

cultural commitment

Rooms & Amenities

121 Rooms, 4 Restaurants, 4 bars, Business Center, FOC Internet Access, 4 meeting rooms, Resort Shop & art gallery, 2 Swimming Pools, Pimalai Spa Fitness Center, Outdoor sports center, 2 tennis courts with flood lightning, Padi Dive Center, award winning Spa

  • 64 x Deluxe (48 m²): Garden view or partial sea view
  • 4 x Bayfront Deluxe (70 m²): sea view, located at the beach
  • 7 x Pavilion Suite (110 m²): separate living room, exterior shower.
  • 7 x Beach Villa (150 m²): separate living room, pool
  • 39 x Pool Villa (204 m²): separate living room, kitchenette, sala, pool, spectacular location on the hillside

Pimalai – Love at first sight

It was love at first sight for Anurat Tiyaphorn, who was awestruck by the natural beauty of Koh Lanta, Thailand. The piece of land was a stretch of tropical rainforest right next to the beach.

He could not get enough of Koh Lanta, and when he spent his holiday swimming at Koh Lanta, he turned around and gazed back to absorb the beauty of the beach and the tropical rain forest covering the mountainous areas of the island only to be truly captivated by the natural beauty of it all.

He realized that if there was a heaven on earth, then this must be it. He started dreaming about building something, which could be called “a heaven on earth.” Initially, Anurat had no plans to build a resort. He just wanted build his personal sailing facilities because the land is located on the best spot for sailing and other water activities.

“However, I eventually realized that if we kept the property for our own use only, we would not be able to contribute anything to the country.”

The Pimalai – Green Initiatives

Over the past 10 years the Resort’s owners and management team have been very involved in protecting the environment they have settled in and have also very much contributed to undertake various constructive actions aiming at minimizing the negative impacts that uncontrollable tourism explosion may have had on the vulnerable Mother Nature.

  • Forest and Greenery
  • Water Resources
  • Marine Resources
  • Fuel
  • Waste management
  • Energy Consumption
  • In Resort Project
  • Community and Social Participation

 Forest and Greenery

Within the Resort, more than 90% of the flora and fauna are uniquely indigenous to the Deep Southern Rain Forest and remain intact as a result of constant care and maintenance by our permanent personnel who are qualified in agriculture and forestry.

A retention of a substantial green area within and adjacent to the Resort premises has helped to protect the ground surface fertility and natural nutrient balance.

At the resort nursery, the gardeners undertake the task of shredded leaves and small branches enabling the production of the resort’s homemade fertilizer.

The fauna is very diverse: various flies species, bugs, cicadas, fireflies, numerous type of frogs, bats, ants, spiders, chinchoks lizards, tu-kaaaes lizards, flying dragon lizards, meter long monitor lizards, squirrels, variety of birds including eagles, tropical snakes, macaque monkeys, Dusky Langur monkeys… all living in perfect harmony with humans.

Water resources

A full-cycle water treatment system has been installed and is maintained by a full-time maintenance technician. Each guest unit is equipped with an individual septic tank before passing the primary treated water to satellite containers for secondary treatment with an aerator. The water is then rechecked and adjusted to an acceptable standard BOD level, before utilizing it in the garden and lawn sprinkler system. The next goal is to improve the treated water quality so that it can be used in the sanitary system of the staff dormitory.

Internal quality control and analysis is recorded in a tri-monthly report. Treated water analysis is carried out by government inspectors every 6 months.

The Resort uses several reservoirs to retain natural rainwater and run-off from nearby mountain slopes in order to minimize the use of water from available artesian wells.

An active campaign with texts in Thai, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Swedish is placed in room for guests to encourage them to reduce the frequency of laundering towels as well as bed sheets.

Marine Resources

  • By design there are no protruding hotel structures situated on the beach
  • Together with neighboring properties, a schedule of daily and monthly beach cleaning is maintained
  • The Resort was the first in Thailand to use a floating jetty instead of a permanent pier structure which could negatively impact the aquatic environment
  • The Resort promotes engine-free marine sports such as sailing, canoeing, wind surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving
  • The Resort provides full time beach and boat attendants to inform guests about ecological and environmental measures


  • The Engineering department keeps close check on all vehicle engines and stationary motors for fuel efficiency
  • A procurement schedule is strictly kept for cost–effective logistic expenses
  • Kitchen gas ranges are selected for low–energy consumption but high performance which is maintained with periodic maintenance
  • Kitchen appliances are kept clean and free of dregs
  • All energy sources are monitored monthly for a consumption budget

Waste management

The Resort operates a garbage station to handle all solid waste materials. Excluding organic waste, all recyclable materials are separated by staff (cooking oil/ cardboard/ papers/ plastic/ glass); the small revenue made from these recycled items is used to then improve the garbage station; non recycled items are collected daily by the Municipal Dump truck. All Resort staff are trained to implement measures that will minimize and/or reduce the quantity of waste generated by the Resort.

Organic waste collected from the various kitchens is now been fully utilized to generate our own organic fertilizer that is used within the resort garden. As off today we have successfully our garbage reject by at least 80%.

We have also reduced our consumption of large plastic bags by 2500 kg/ year.

Energy Consumption

  • Electrical appliances are carefully selected and maintained for optimal efficiency
  • All light bulbs used are low–energy consumption
  • Key tag activated electric timers are installed in each guest unit
  • All office buildings and staff compounds are under an energy–saving program; with electric timers being used where applicable
  • Tall trees and shrubs plus adequate space between residential buildings are concerted measures for energy savings by using less consumption by air conditioners
  • An active campaign with texts in Thai, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Swedish is placed in room for guests to practice energy conservation

In Resort Project

  • Each guest unit is located with sufficient adjoining space for natural ventilation, in addition to considerations of ambience and privacy
  • Sodium chlorinate is used in swimming pools to prevent skin and eye irritation
  • Cleansing agents such as detergents, etc. are strictly environmental-friendly
  • Spa treatment products are of natural materials and herbs; e.g. soap from turmeric, hair shampoo from wild lime
  • Where possible, packaging materials and containers are recycled.
  • Electrical appliances use environmental friendly agents such as CFC–free compressors
  • Noise pollution is minimized by restricting vehicle use within the Resort and by using electrically powered vehicles for essential transportation

Community and Social Participation

Cultural Events

Active support member of “Laanta Lanta” Festival or “Magnificent Lanta”, an annual island festival organized during the first week of March, by local authorities, island communities, and private enterprises. Also an active member of the annual “Loy Krathong“ Festival in November.

Koh Lanta Hospital

In 2001, together with the Pornprapa Foundation, Pimalai constructed one fully equipped IPD ward building, and provided one dialysis machine at the Koh Lanta hospital.

The next campaign with the Krabi provincial office is to include all Lanta island resorts staff in the population census so as to increase medical facilities and personnel, including more doctors.

In November 2012, Pimalai honorary Chairman Khun Nibondh Charanvas presided over the opening of an additional IPD ward building, containing 4 fully equipped rooms.

Island School

The Pimalai contributes to local schools with classroom and canteen furniture, sports equipments, and books with funds raised from their annual staff-day activities. Not so long ago the resort equipped a school classroom with a dozen PC’s for kids to use. The resort holds regular exclusive evenings promoting Star Michelin Chef or famous Winemakers, with part of the evening proceeds being donated for the purchase of small equipment for the local primary school.

Recently, the resort initiated through its in-house guests a fund raising aiming at supporting the village school in building a classroom extension. The total amount of money collected accounted for TB 80,000 and that same amount was matched by the resort’s owners.

Human resources

It has always been a mission of the resort’s developers to actively support employment within the local community, ensuring that at least 50% of the total workforce of the resort comes from the island itself. This has always been quite a challenge as school education for most islanders stops at a low age (around 12/14 years old) and most of the teenagers then turn to work in a rubber or palm oil plantation, or on fish boats, or occasionally in jobs at local bars & restaurants.

Nowadays the resort has a workforce averaging 330 employees. Half of which come from Koh Lanta and continuously receive training, including English language training, in order to raise service standards within the resort.

Pimalai is now the largest employer on the island and 50% of the workforce generates a steady enough income to support the employees as well as close family members…affecting about 2000 people.

Environmental Events

  • With Lanta National Marine Park and local communities, Pimalai organized divers to clean up the sea bed of Koh Haa, five-island archipelago 18 nautical miles west-south-west of Lanta Island in the year 2003.
  • Summer camps campaign with local school children to educate them on the ecology, marine life, and waste management at Koh Rork, about 20 miles south of Lanta Island.
  • Every year Pimalai sponsors the development of Nemopolis – underwater colonies for clown fish – by supplying material and hundreds of juvenile clown fish. The Project at Koh Haa started in 2004, and is under the supervision of Dr. Thon Thumrongnavasawaddi, the most well-known & authority in marine biology in Thailand
  • With Pimalai speed boats, diving gear and divers, we support Lanta National Marine Park by installing buoys adjacent to coral reefs throughout the park vicinity.
  • “Fai Dab on Kantiang bay” – involving all small business on the bay to turn off as much as possible lights at 8.30pm for 1 hour to participate to the Earth hour on the last Saturday of the month of March.

  • Certificates