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The Sleeping Warrior

Mawe Mbili Ltd

P.O. Box 25621

Nairobi 00603, Kenya

“This place is uniquely beautiful, Africa as it once was, pristine and unspoiled. Can’t wait to come back.” Oliver Durham


The Sleeping Warrior Lodge is located about 140 kilometers and just over two hours from Nairobi. Since the lodge is set on the stunning Soysambu Conservancy, it offers breathtaking views on both the Lake Elmenteita and the Rift Valley. Enjoy a spectacular wilderness experience with night and day game drives, bush walks and excursions to nearby Lake Nakuru National Park and Eburru Forest Sanctuary.

The founders are committed to sustainable tourism and as such have designed the lodge using solar power, rain water collection, with hot water provided by “kuni boosters” fuelled by sustainably collected leleshwa bush.

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  • The Lodge is set on a small ridge overlooking a water hole and the Sleeping Warrior Crater.
  • Visitors have exclusive access to 48,000 acres of Soysambu Conservancy
  • Guided walks and climbs
  • Children’s activities such as treasure hunts, learning Maasai bush trekking, lore and survival skills and botanical trails
  • Lake Elmenteita is the only breading ground in East Africa for the Great White Pelican
  • Paradise for bird watchers with over 450 bird species and up to 1.5 million flamingos
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“The Sleeping Warrior is committed to support and sustain the wilderness and wildlife that provides personal inspiration and the commercial livelihood.”

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being local - authentic experiences

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cultural commitment

Rooms & Amenities

10 bungalows with stunning view over Soysambu Conservancy, the Sleeping Warrior Crater and Lake Elmenteita.Each bungalow is minimum 55 squaremetres with a private terrace, large bedroom and ensuite bathroom with separate shower and WC.

  • 3 twin rooms
  • 5 double rooms
  • 1 family house with two bedrooms, a living room & shared bathroom
  • 1 honeymoon suite with sitting room + large mazeras stone terrace with outdoor bathtub for two
  • All rooms have a day bed that can be converted to accommodate children. Cots are available for children under 3 years

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The Story

The Damon family has lived in Africa for decades and all share a passion for this incredible continent, with its diverse cultures and unrivalled natural beauty.

In early 2007, a friend showed Jacqueline the Soysambu Conservancy and she was touched by the pristine beauty of the property. In order to showcase Kenya’s stunning nature and wildlife as well as invest in Kenya’s people and natural heritage Jacqueline created Sleeping Warrior Lodge & Camp.

In 2008 the family opened the Sleeping Warrior Tented Camp and began the construction on the Sleeping Warrior Lodge. Since the Sleeping Warrior stayed small and eco-friendly, the guests can feel a connection to the magical corner of the Rift Valley while knowing that their passage here will not have a negative impact.

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The Sleeping Warrior Green Inititatives

  • Architecture
  • Waste Management Plan
  • Food
  • Local People & Employees
  • Social Projects
  • Cultural Commitment


  • Land use is in full compliance with local zoning laws and regulations. This was an obligation as part of the lodge’s approval from the National Environment Management Authority.
  • Local residents have not been involuntarily removed from the land
  • No residents have been removed from land. The founders built the property in a previously unsettled location on a privately owned ranch. They pay the rent to the landowners.
  • Energy- and resource-efficient technologies are used wherever possible – 90% solar at the Camp and 30% solar at the Lodge. The lodges aim is to be 90% solar at the Lodge by the end of 2015. No air conditioning which significantly reduces the energy usage. Rain water is collected to supplement the consumption and a fuel usage monitoring program helps to reduce as much fuel consumption as possible
  • All building materials were locally sourced and local stone, wood, thatch and canvas in building both properties was mostly used. The aim was to use as little cement as possible and use only environmentally friendly building materials.

Waste Management Plan

  • Specified, recorded and monitored waste volume/weight and reduction goals
  • Little waste production, mostly organic waste from the kitchen, which is composted
  • Recycling of glass, plastic, tins and foil waste
  • Paper waste is burned
  • No plastic for the toiletries, the packing must be recycable
  • Use of glass bottles for the toiletries at the Lodge
  • Replacement of all plastic bottles at the Camp with glass/metallic bottles in the near future
  • Avoiding waste by not using plastic, providing waste separating facilities when possible
  • Recycling of garbage, education and training of staff
  • Usage of as little plastic as possible
  • Trash is separated and plastic recycled


  • Fair trade – almost exclusively Kenyan products.
  • Offering organic food and herbals
  • Using local products and organic farms whenever possible
  • No Plastic with meals (except picnic lunch boxes)

Local People & Employees

  • Salaries and benefits meet or exceed local and national regulations
  • It is the lodges policy to hire local employees whenever possible; over the years at least 100 people from the local village were employed
  • Employees receive training and capacity building
  • Involving local people in decisions that affect their lives and life chances
  • Although not in direct contact with local communities by their location, the Sleeping Warrior engages local communities through employment, sponsoring disadvantaged children in school and undertaking income generating projects.
  • Developing plans to support local people – the founders have created a US based NGO to support local conservation and development
  • No social, gender or racial discrimination of any kind is practiced or supported – people are hired on the basis of skill and willingness to learn
  • You can also support local communities and conservation by volunteering in a school or dispensary and participating in Soysambu’s ground-breaking Rothschild giraffe monitoring program

Social Projects

  • Support of schools, kinder gardens, hospitals
  • Training and education of local communities
  • The Sleeping Warrior has been supporting 5 children from poor Maasai families to attend a private boarding school for the last 4 years.
  • The owners have been supporting a number of schools and taken the best students on safari in Soysambu Conservancy to teach them about wildlife and conservation.
  • Support of local social projects
  • The lodge has been in contact with local villagers in nearby Kongassis, who have created an association to assist with protecting the adjoining Eburru forest, also creating an eco-tourism project
  • RIVA is providing initial funding for a basic building, while looking for donors to assist with the creation of a camp to further promote tourism in this area of unique indigenous forest and spectacular scenery, which protects many species including the eastern mountain bongo, a critically endangered forest antelope
  • The Sleeping Warrior negotiated an agreement between the villagers and the Kenya Forest Service so that the community could lease a plot of land within the forest to start their eco-tourism project. The lodge paid the first year of rent for this land.

Cultural Commitment

  • The company’s policy includes established guideline or code of conduct of behavior concerning the protection of local cultures and historical sites
  • The business does not exploit the cultural intellectual property of the local community
  • Cultural sensitivity and respect between tourists and hosts. Guests are informed of appropriate behavior when visiting local communities
  • Integration of the culture in everyday life of the tourism. The staff members are the cultural “ambassadors” of Kenya and educate the guests about the rich and diverse Kenyan culture
  • The Sleeping Warrior invites children’s choirs from local schools and a local traditional musical group to perform at the Lodge regularly
  • Only artifacts that are permitted by law are exhibited and sold