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Sustainable Boutique Hotels & Eco Chic Resorts, Worldwide

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”
- Martin Buber

Hotels with a personal touch

Boutique Hotels are privately owned, individual, small and not seldom luxury hotels. In modern days, Boutique Hotels can be found worldwide. You can expect small, unique hotels in Europe, Asia or South America in the most beautiful places in the world.

Green boutique hotels and eco chic resorts

Green boutique hotels and eco chic resorts worldwide offer guests a more intimate, unique, and personalized experience away from crowds. Green Pearls®’ selection of boutique hotels understand that sustainability can be chic, eco-friendly and luxury in one. Inside, guests will find luxurious, designer accommodations, and many green initiatives in some of the world’s most unique boutique locations and destinations.
The Tongsai Bay on Koh Samui in Thailand is one example of our special Boutique Hotels. Immersed in the incontaminated nature where trees are not felled, this luxury, unique Boutique Hotel is totally secluded. Due to the location you can enjoy your holiday on a private tranquil fine sand beach. Enjoy a laid-back experience in a luxury sustainable green resort enjoying an extraordinary and personal service. Enjoy eco-friendly vacation in a green awarded hotel. 

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