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Valsana Hotel & Appartements

Oberseepromenade 2
7050 Arosa

“We offer luxury where it makes sense – besides, the new Valsana is a relaxed place.” Valsana


At an airy height of 1,800 meters above sea level, Valsana blends almost seamlessly into its alpine surroundings. The rooms and apartments emanate a natural sense of warmth and are equipped with selected pieces of furniture, a small second-hand library and vintage record players.

The large wellness area provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature. The restaurant “Twist” forms the heart of Valsana, a place where guests can feel at home: in the “living room of Arosa” the atmosphere is relaxed and cozy, the menu is natural and modern.

With its weekly movie night, numerous live acts and DJs, Valsana is an ideal retreat with a surprising level regarding its cultural program, cuisine and wellness, surrounded by the mountains.



  • Restaurant “Twist” with a focus on regional and seasonal food, delicious Swiss wines and a menu with healthy alternatives.
  • Huge sun terrace with an unobstructed view of the mountaintops
  • 800 mValsana Spa, including a relaxation pool with mountain view, a sauna area built with recycled wood and a modern fitness studio, with personal coaching on request
  • Cooperation with the R1 Sportsclub Arosa, the German-speaking market leader in the segment of personal training
  • The ideas workshop provides a creative environment for workshops
Green Pearls® Score for Valsana Hotel & Appartements

“Values that are particularly important to us: an inspiring atmosphere, mindfulness towards others and sustainable decisions.”

environmental protection

being local - authentic experiences

giving back

cultural commitment

Suite at Valsana

Rooms and Amenities

All 40 rooms are furnished with natural materials and offer the following amenities:

  • spacious balcony with a unique view of the surrounding mountains
  • parquet flooring
  • beds with natural mattresses by Elky

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Valsana, Außenansicht im Winter

The story of Valsana

When one door is closed, another one opens: The 115-year-old Sporthotel Valsana at the entrance to the village of Arosa closed its doors in early April 2015. Fifteen men cleared the hotel and the old staff house for almost four weeks before the building was demolished in May.

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Green Initiatives

  • Architecture
  • Energy management
  • Water management
  • Waste management
  • Food
  • Social Projects


  • Upcycling for the new Valsana building in 2017
    Building materials from the old building were reused and can now be found, for example, in the wooden panels of the lounge or as chairs in the rooms.
  • CO2
    The autonomous energy concept of the ice storage technology massively reduces carbon emissions. It provides the entire building with heat previously generated by geothermal probes and heat recovery. Moreover, only certified hydropower by Arosa Energie is used. In 2014, the Tschuggen Hotel Group has also entered into a target agreement with the Energy Agency for Industry regarding the reduction of carbon emissions.

Energy management

  • Lighting
    Use of energy-saving LED lamps and motion detectors in the forecourts and corridors
  • Electric vehicles
    Four charging stations for the guests’ electric vehicles in the underground garage and in front of the main entrance
  • Heating
    The entire heating capacity of the three buildings is generated by the hotel’s own waste heat and geothermal probes. This means that the consumption of environmentally harmful fossil oil or gas can be completely dispensed with.
  • Energy saving system
    Activation and interruption of the current flow in the rooms by key cards 
  • Cooling systems
    Reuse of the heat generated by the cooling systems (freezers, refrigerators); the cooling systems are free of Freon
  • Shuttle service within Arosa
    Shuttle service for guests on arrival/departure, information on public transport, free bicycle rental

Water management

  • Water consumption
    By using special tap aerators in the guest bathrooms, the consumption of drinking water is drastically reduced. At low water pressure, the tap aerators mix air into the water jet and thus increase its diameter. This gives the sense of “softer” water. In addition, all toilets are equipped with a 2-stage flush.
  • Towels
    Only the towels left on the floor go to the laundry. Thus, the consumption of water, detergent and energy is reduced considerably.

Waste management

  • Waste separation
    Strict waste separation is a top priority at Valsana Hotel & Apartments. New employees are trained, thus preventing mistakes right from the start. Kitchen waste is separated and sent to producers of biogas fuels.
  • FAIRCosmEthics
    Body care products (shampoo, soap) for guests are exclusively provided in a large dispenser, reducing plastic waste by refilling. FAIRCosmEthics are Fairtrade products.
  • Paperless office
    Internal communication and communication with guests is as paperless as possible. Instead of the usual printed guest ABCs, information is transmitted via tablets in each room. Information on towel change is printed on a glass in the bathroom.
  • Packaging
    There are no PET bottles in the restaurant and guest rooms. House water is filled into glass bottles to reduce waste and transport routes.
  • Business paper
    Valsana Hotel & Apartments has switched to 100 % recycled paper for both internal and external paper consumption – bleached without chlorine, of course. Printed papers are always printed in Switzerland.
  • Office supplies
    Instead of ballpoint pens, pencils are used to reduce plastic.


  • Foodstuff
    Food and beverages are purchased from local producers and suppliers whenever possible. In addition, mainly Swiss products and animal products from animal-friendly and certified farms are used. The wine list contains only European wines.
  • Drinking Water
    The drinking water in Arosa is top quality. It is served to guests free of charge and can also be filled into glass bottles so they do not have to buy water in plastic bottles.


Social Projects

  • General purchasing
    Whenever possible, suppliers from Switzerland are chosen to avoid unnecessary transport routes and support local suppliers.
  • Firmly rooted in the company
    Environmental awareness is part of the Tschuggen Hotel Group’s corporate values and there are regular internal trainings.
  • Curated Adventures
    Creating unforgettable memories: During their stay, guests have, for example, the opportunity to plant a tree or make their own natural soap in the local soap factory.