Kukka Restaurant

Hütten 37

Leogang 5771, Austria

“According to the philosophy „nature is freedom“ the guest finds a social environment, and enjoys special steaks, fish, vegetables of the grill, but also vegan and vegetarian specialities.” Forsthofalm


The name of the restaurant KUKKA was chosen in reference to Emmi Widauers homeland Finland. From the Scandinavian KUKKA is translated „flower", and the restaurant considers every person as a flower. Every flower is different, an individual, something special, and so are the guests, employees and suppliers.

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  • Show kitchen
  • Charcoal grill
  • Bread oven
  • Vegan grill cuisine
  • Regional cuisine
  • Orange Vines
Green Pearls® Score for Kukka Restaurant

“Barbecue is probably the most original kind of food preparation.”

local food

local employment

green initiatives

architecture / design

The Story

“Before long, long time ago when one found on Forstalm nothing except marvellous Alpine grasslands, we came along day by day on the way to the alp to look after the cows, goats and sheep.”

1972 was the year of birth of the Forsthofalm, built only with the help of friends, there were only 40 seats and no guest-rooms.

Eight years later the street was developed and there originated the idea of the illuminated natural toboggan run.

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Vegan, vegetarian or Steak

The guest should be left the freedom; vegan, vegetarian, meat or fish – one does not exclude the other.

“Nature is freedom” here you find an environment of tolerance with the philopsophy of having the choice; special steaks, fish and grilled vegetables as well as vegane and vegetarian specialities.

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Orange wine: as nature intended

The Forsthofalm’s wine list now features a separate category: Natural wines. ‘Natural’ and ‘orange wines’ are treated as naturally as possible from the vineyard onwards.

Therefore, natural wines are mostly organic, bio-dynamic or Demeter wines.

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