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Bachgut - Das Resort am Berg

Hasenbachweg 144

Pinzgau, Province of Salzburg

Saalbach-Hinterglemm 5754, Austria

“The mountains can restrict one, but they protect us.” Renate Langegger-Kröll


The green and eco-friendly Bachgut Resort is located away from the hustle and everyday stress in the mountains of the region Saalbach Hinterglemm in Austria. Here you can enjoy an active holiday in the peace and quietness of the Austrian Mountains, away from all the stress and strains of everyday life.

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  • Every apartment is equipped with an private outdoor jacuzzi or a hot pot
  • Directly situated at the slope
  • Natural Bathing Pond
  • Outdoor Fitness Parcour
  • A destination for families, friends and couples
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environmental protection

being local - authentic experiences

giving back

cultural commitment

Rooms & Amenities

Main House
modern holiday apartments (up to 10 people): pinewood panorama sauna, outdoor whirlpool, private spa, furnished terrace, electric grill, under floor heating

modern penthouse: pinewood panorama sauna, hot pot, furnished terrace, garden barbecue, under floor heating

pinewood panorama sauna, hot pot, furnished terrace, garden barbecue, under floor heating

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The Story behind Bachgut

Family history – How the Bachgut in Saalbach Hinterglemm in Austria came about.

The annual number 1802, which states the construction year, is carved into the alpine hut situated on 1550 m. My father, a farmer, born in 1910 loved the alp summer. He spent several summers on the alp tending livestock and producing cheese.

A place to assemble one’s forces, and recharge one’s batteries. The alpine cabin was managed until 1982, in 2004 we renovated the cabin with loving attention to detail and under preservation of the earthy character.

The inquiry of our guests was tremendous. In 2006 we built another alpine cabin, particularly respecting the traditional construction method of our forefathers.

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Green Initiatives

  • Bachgut Bonus
  • Energy Consumption
  • Spring Water
  • Construction methods and materials
  • Certificates

Bachgut Bonus

Guests arriving in an electric cars receive a 10% discount on the weekly price. A filling station for electric car is provided.

Energy Consumption

The energy in the Bachgut Resort is generated from the sources sunlight, water and earth.

The solar energy is converted into electrical energy through two photovoltaic cells . Both facilities produce between 6000 kWh and 23,400 kWh annually. This corresponds to a saving of between 3.9 and 15.21 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The drinking water at the Bachgut comes through pressurized pipes, making it possible to install a turbine that is driven by the drinking water in the tall water storage tank in the valley. Through this, the Bachgut has its own drinking water system and its own power station which is driven by drinking water. A Pelton turbine generates electricity day and night, generating annually 45.000 kW which corresponds to a saving of 29.25 tonnes of carbon dioxide

By means of the biomass power station energy is produced of the ground. The heat energy required by the Bachgut is generated by burning wood pellets. Annual consumption: approx. 250 cubic meters Wood supply: own forest / Waldgemeinschaft Saalbach-Hinterglemm Wärmeerzeuger: Hargasser boilers 2x 100KW.

Heat system: supplies heat to

  • Heustadl 8KW
  • Alpinchalets Bachgut 70KW
  • Bachgut Stammhaus 100KW

Spring Water

The fresh mountain spring water from 4 springs supplies all guests with water. The springs come from a height of between 1600 and 1780 m. The spring water is stored in a tall drinking water storage tank made from high-quality stainless steel. Each of the water tanks has a capacity of 30,000 litres.

Construction methods and materials

Low energy building
All of the Bachgut Châlets are low energy buildings, which means that the walls and the roof are sufficiently insulated. The doors and windows of the Bachgut are triple glazed, storing the sunlight energy during the day. This is known as passive solar heating.

Timber frame construction
For the construction of the walls at the Bachgut, a timber frame construction method was implemented.Advantages are:

  • Simple construction method
  • Dry construction method, no moisture, a pleasant atmosphere right from the start
  • Short construction time
  • Construction method is also suitable for modern designs
  • Good insulation properties for the thickness of walls

For the construction of the facades shingles from high-quality larch wood was used and split using traditional methods. The shingles are doubly overlapped, providing a totally waterproof facade.
Since Shingle facades do not need to be painted or varnished, chemical substances can be avoided as much as possible. The shingles develop a covering of a silver grey patina over the course of time.

Local connections
Materials and resources are sourced locally.

  • Gravel is obtained from local rivers
  • Concrete comes from the Maishofen concrete manufacturers (20 km away), who generate their electricity by means of a hydroelectric power plant
  • Wood comes from our own forests