Kalnoky Conservation Trust

Romania is a land between change and tradition. To find find ways of combining both is the challenge.

Transylvania is often referred to as "the land that time forgot", and in many ways this is an appropriate description. Horses and carts share the road with cars, farming is small-scale and organic, and shepherds tend their flocks in the hills. Nature has also benefited from the slow pace of development.

Transylvania boasts the best examples of wild flower meadows in Europe, not forgetting the large expanses of forest that cover the landscape and provide a refuge for wolves and bears.

Yet, change is a foot, not least in the form of Romania's accession to the EU. There are many who fear progress and others who embrace it; regardless, no one wishes to see traditional ways of life lost, forests cut down, or historic buildings in ruins.

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“In order to conserve natural and built heritage in Szeklerland, Transylvania, it is necessary to confront the realities of the future by making positive changes now.”

Count Kálnoky's Guesthouse Count Kálnoky invites you to step back in time to discover Transylvania, as his ancestors knew it in the 1800's - a unique and special opportunity to discover the real Transylvania. Read more

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As a family with several 100 years of history it is a matter of heart to the Kálnokys to protect their country and the environment.