Vegan summer rolls from the Thai Keemala Resort. © Keemala
by greenpearls, on
Vegan inspiration: vegetable rice paper rolls from the Keemala Resort Today we want to inspire you with a Thai classic, that is vegan and partly raw on top: Vegetable rice paper rolls ... More
© Adobe Stock / fedorovacz
by Lynn, on
7 tips for sustainable gifts When making presents, we intend to make someone happy and put a smile on his face. That way, gifts are fun. But ... More
Cozy vacation rentals for the whole family. © Valsana Hotel & Appartements
by Lynn, on
On vacation and yet at home: the greenest and most beautiful vacation rentals According to current figures, holiday apartments are becoming increasingly popular among vacationers. We also think you don’t necessarily need a hotel room ... More
Vegane Maronen-Falafel © HUBERTUS Alpin Lodge & Spa
by Lynn, on
Vegan inspiration: Chestnut-falafel made by HUBERTUS Alpin Lodge & Spa Green can be so colorful – and is healthy! Feel inspired to cook without using animal products. Today’s recipe shows eating vegan ... More
Das Valsana in Arosa
by Hanna, on
A home in the Swiss Alps: The Valsana Hotel & Apartments in Arosa Not long ago Valsana Hotel & Apartments joined Green Pearls® as a member. Our philosophy is based on knowing all partners to be ... More
Stone Castle in the province Satun, Thailand
by Lynn, on
Paradise meets sustainable tourism: The UNESCO Geopark Satun Touring Thailand far from mass tourism is worthwhile, gaining insights into untouched cultures of the country. In order to give you tips, ... More
Mal abschalten: digitales Fasten und digital detox.
by Lynn, on
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity – radiation-free hotel rooms and digital detox No matter if televisions, radio masts, Wi-Fi routers, or smartphones – we are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic radiation. Some people feel this ... More
Rice terrace on Bali, Indonesia by Puri Dajuma
by Lynn, on
Bali: Threatened beauty and culture – how to travel the island responsibly Breathtaking landscapes, endless rice fields and palm forests; sunny weather and the idea of white dream beaches increasingly entice people traveling to ... More
Zeavola - Excursion to Phi Phi Leh
by Hanna, on
Responsible traveling: 10 eco-friendly tips – part 2 In our last blog post you got to know five easy steps for eco travels. Here, in part two you learn about ... More
Kandel im Schwarzwald
by Hanna, on
Responsible traveling: 10 eco-friendly tips – part 1 According to current statistics, a rising number of vacationers aim to “travel sustainable.” In fact, only few realize their green plans. Often ... More
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