The dolomites
by Lynn Anders, on
Over hill and dale Walking steadily and calmly in nature while hiking helps us relax, even if our heartbeat goes up. No matter if your trail’s ... More
Colorful Corals
by Jenni, on
Sustainable sunscreen: what does sun protection have to do with corals? For decades, applying sunscreen was summer holiday rule number 1 – because UV light causes skin cancer and the radiation is particularly ... More
Poolvilla Tongsai Bay
by Agnes, on
Chemical-free hotel pools? No problem! It’s summertime! And with the rising temperatures comes an increasing need for cooling. Unfortunately, all too often bland pools full of chlorine ... More
Schwarze Alpenschweine
by greenpearls, on
Sustainable: perpetuating rare livestock species When we think about sustainability, the first things that usually come to mind are food waste, environmental protection, and problems caused by ... More
Holzlöffel mit Gewürzen
by Jenni, on
Our tipps for a kitchen without plastic, part 2 In our last post we have already provided you with some tips on avoiding plastic when shopping and storing food. Of course, ... More
by Jenni, on
Our tips for a kitchen without plastic, part 1 You come home from your weekly shopping and after unpacking your purchases the trash can is full of packaging waste? Everybody is ... More
Spice Village, helicopter view
by Jenni, on
It couldn’t be greener: vacations in the jungle Have you ever been to the jungle? Equipped with binoculars and trekking shoes, surrounded by the most beautiful greenery and a spectacular ... More
Seife und Handtücher, plastikfrei
by greenpearls, on
Practical tips for a plastic free bathroom You can find all kinds of plastics in normal bathrooms: packages, hygiene products, or micro plastics in cosmetic. Though, there are some ... More
by Hanna, on
A hidden treasure of Thailand – the region of Loei To get to know Thailand from another perspective – namely its green side – is what we aim at in our blog. ... More
Hiking boots on a meadow
by Jenni, on
The most beautiful destinations for your green hiking vacation Hiking! Leave your everyday thoughts in everyday life, simply walk, enjoy the large and small miracles of nature while breathing fresh mountain ... More
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