by Lynn, on
Sustainable Fashion, part 2: How to identify what’s behind it In our last blog post we wrote about the negative impact of the clothing industry on humans and the environment. Part two ... More
by Lynn, on
Sustainable Fashion, part 1: What our attire has to do with the environment Fashion is anything but sustainable, an unpleasant judgement on the clothing industry. It is the second most polluting industry and discredited violating ... More
by Lynn, on
Vacation at a mountain lake: swimming against the backdrop of the Alps How about a swimming vacation in the mountains? Beach holidays by the sea are fine, but mountain lakes have so much to ... More
Flussufer Chanthaboon Riverside Community
by Agnes, on
Colorful Thailand: the Chanthaboon Riverside Community Would you like to discover Thailand from a new perspective? As you certainly know, we regularly show you some of the numerous ... More
Dünen auf Juist
by Lynn, on
Juist unplugged: A role model for sustainability When it comes to sustainability, some could take a leaf out of the book of the North Sea island Juist. The island ... More
ingredients coco blossom salad
by Agnes, on
Summer tastes like … fresh Thai salads Barbecue, trips to the lake or a picnic in the park: delicious, light dishes are just as much a part of summer ... More
The dolomites
by Lynn, on
Over hill and dale Walking steadily and calmly in nature while hiking helps us relax, even if our heartbeat goes up. No matter if your trail’s ... More
Colorful Corals
by Jenni, on
Sustainable sunscreen: what does sun protection have to do with corals? For decades, applying sunscreen was summer holiday rule number 1 – because UV light causes skin cancer and the radiation is particularly ... More
Poolvilla Tongsai Bay
by Agnes, on
Chemical-free hotel pools? No problem! It’s summertime! And with the rising temperatures comes an increasing need for cooling. Unfortunately, all too often bland pools full of chlorine ... More
Schwarze Alpenschweine
by greenpearls, on
Sustainable: perpetuating rare livestock species When we think about sustainability, the first things that usually come to mind are food waste, environmental protection, and problems caused by ... More
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