Paradise meets sustainable tourism: The UNESCO Geopark Satun

Touring Thailand far from mass tourism is worthwhile, gaining insights into untouched cultures of the country. In order to give you tips, we regularly introduce you to special regions, tours, and projects. Today, we take you to the province of Satun in the south of Thailand, where the first UNESCO Global Geopark in the country was awarded in 2018. It is characterized by its diverse landscape – from mountains in the northeast to beaches and islands in the south. Four regions of Satun are located in the Geopark; Thung Wa, Manang, La-Ngu und Amphoe Mueang. Find out why visiting the UNESCO Global Geopark of Satun is worthwhile during your holiday in Thailand and what the award means to the region.

Khai Island is located in Tarutao National Marine Park, Satun
Dream beach on Khai Island in Tarutao National Marine Park, Satun. © TAT

Sustainable aspects of the award

Besides strict guidelines concerning animal and nature protection, awarding a region as a UNESCO Geopark requires the support of local communities such as preserving cultural heritages, promoting education, and sustainable tourism. That way, animals, the environment and the people benefit from the UNESCO award. More than 113 thousand people of different religions peacefully live together in the Geopark. For the locals sustainable tourism offers great opportunities finding jobs, whereas you are guaranteed authentic experiences on your visit!

Phu Pha Phet Cave in the UNESCO Geopark Satun
Explore the Phu Pha Phet Cave in the UNESCO Geopark Satun. © TAT

Satun: Scenic Thai pearl

The Satun province has received the reward as a Geopark for one reason: it looks like paradise on earth! Blue water, underwater caves, steep rocks, lush nature, dense green, a vibrant wildlife. Those eager to learn, can discover fossils here, which are up to 500 million years old. On your trip to Satun, make sure to take a canoe tour to Diamond Mountain Cave, also known as Phu Pha Phet Cave! It is a real insider tip, specifically for environmentally conscious travelers! You can also discover other green oases, such as the Taruto National Marine Park in the south of the province, where underwater worlds, waterfalls and dream beaches are waiting for you!

Hin Ngam Island of Tarutao National Marine Park, Satun, Thailand
Divers on Hin Ngam Island of Tarutao National Marine Park in the province Satun. © TAT

Potentials of the region unlocked

The UNESCO award benefits the region in many ways – both economically and in terms of environmental protection. The governor of the Thai Tourist Office (TAT), Yuthasak Supasorn, looks confidently ahead: “Satun attracts new visitors who are inspired by a variety of local Thai experiences and the rich, natural beauty and cultural diversity of the region. The UNESCO award is a great honor and helps ensuring sustainable growth in tourism – something supported and celebrated by TAT.”

Good to see projects like these supported! That way, you not only gather great holiday experiences, but at the same time do something good for the local people and nature.


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