Ice cooled New Year’s start: New Year’s swimming on Juist

We have the ultimate tip for you when waking up after an extensive New Year’s Eve celebration: New Year’s swimming on Juist. As a native from the very North, even mayor Dr. Tjark Goerges plunges together with you into the ice-cold North Sea. “Without me!” is your first thought right now, but the icy refreshment holds many healthy advantages, buzz word climate therapy – get to know here more about this health-supporting Thalassic treatment.

Klimatherapie auf Juist. © KV Juist

Not for wimps

Start is the 1st of January at 1pm at the seawater adventure pool where you change for the refreshment in the North Sea and may start with a heat sauna. The next stage: the beach. Here only few meters separate you from the cold North Sea: 10, 9, 8…. and up in the sea! Afterwards the sponsors “Hohe Düne” and the “Strand Halle” provide hot drinks for strengthening. Moreover, up to 4 pm you may visit the sauna free of charge. If the step from the warm changing room into the cold North Sea in January is too big, try out a climate therapy.

Strand auf Juist im Winter. © KV Juist

From air spa to sea spa

The climate therapy accompanies you step-by-step to your way towards the sea bath. You start with a relaxing walk on the beach. However, during the following four days you drop off more and more clothes with the highlight of a bath in the cold North Sea after one week. Of course Thalassic experts provide for the fact that you warm up afterwards. Participation affects the health positively in multiple manners: you inhale the fresh sea air and benefit from the positive effects of the aerosols.

Natural elation

The participation in the climate therapy is an effort at the beginning, at the least when you take off the first cloth. However, the success after the therapy is so captivating that it should not be difficult for you to take part. The cold promotes the blood circulation of the whole body. Above all the skin is tightened (and, in addition, through the high salinity of the water cared for), and the blood vessels optimally trained. Besides, the 5-day Thalassic cure increases your respiratory volume, strengthens your muscles as well as the immune system and stimulates the metabolism. And the best – you are flooded with endorphins.


In case you feel inclined, sign up from December, 27-31 2018 for the New Year’s swimming (German only). Among all participants, 50 woolen caps are drawn. Wishing you a healthy start in the New Year!

The next climate therapy takes place in March 2019. You find the exact appointments and further information online on the Juist website (German only).


All images: © KV Juist