Chemical free swimming – brought to you by these hotels

It’s summer. And hot. Everybody is dreaming of a cool down, possible in a swimming pool. Today we will show you where to enjoy a chemical free swimming experience in a non-conventional pool. After all there are many different opportunities on how to avoid the usage of chemicals, such as chlorine. Not quite coincidentally, our hotels offer a broad selection of great, natural pools where guests are welcome to swim and relax.

©Hofgut Hafnerleiten

Relaxing amidst nature

Hofgut Hafnerleiten can be found in the Bavarian town of Bad Birnbach. Guests are offered a variety of wellness options in so called “Wellnesswürfel”, small houses, designed in the shape of cubes where you can enjoy saunas, massages and discover more wellness options. The beautifully arranged natural swimming pond originates from the hotel’s own well adding an additional sensual experience when setting foot on the lovely clay ground. Instead of using chemicals, fish and crabs keep the swimming pond clean on one hand and maintain the pond’s ecological balance on the other. Go for a swim here and get a massage on a raft in the middle of the pond!


Take a chemical-free dive

The biological lake of the hotel Lindenwirt measures up to 270 m2. While the natural design allows the lake to perfectly immerge into the local landscape, it also makes for a great highlight in the outdoor area of the hotel. Specially constructed islands of relaxation at the dock of the lake offer an opportunity to fully relax and simply let go, balancing your body, mind and soul. An additional noteworthy fact of Lindenwirt lake is that the water even has drinking water quality.

Das Naturbad in Mitteltal
©Baiersbronn Touristik

Welcome diversion

Another natural pool is located in Mitteltal in the Black Forest and does not require any kind of chemical treatment. Instead, the pool is maintained through biological cleansing. A natural system takes care of the decompostion of organic biomass, splitting it into its basic components. This process makes the lake especially suitable for elderly guests as well as toddlers. Furthermore, the 2,000 m2 pool provides a variety of activities on the water. Use the diving boards and rocks to jump into the crisp water, have massage jets ease sore muscles and swim to the dock to relax in the sun. We guarantee you won’t be bored here. Plus: guests staying at the Hotel Lamm receive free access with their Schwarzwald Plus Karte.

©Irota Eco Lodge

Hungary’s first natural pool

The Irota Eco Lodge created the very first natural pool in Hungary, allowing a chemical free swimming experience. Constant water quality is achieved through a collection of plants and two skimmers and the help of natural reed. Escape the hungarian heat, when laying on the wooden deck around the pool in summer. And last but not least: when you’re cooling off on a warm summernight, keep an eye out for the colors that appear at the pool’s surface, when the sun slowly sets on top of the water shortly before dusk sets in.