Agrivilla i pini: Vegetables and fruits flourish in the biodynamic garden.
by Lynn, on
Permaculture in hotel gardens – vacation in the vegan Bio-Agrivilla i pini For some it’s a trend, for others an attitude to life: veganism. Renouncing animal products has various positive effects. Eating plant-based food ... More
Selbstgemachte Slow Food Gerichte aus regionalen Zutaten auf Juist.
by Hanna, on
Feasting responsibly: Slow Food Days on Juist Slow Food does not only imply “eating slowly,” but also characterizes a conscious, healthy, and local diet. The Slow Food trend once ... More
ingredients coco blossom salad
by Agnes, on
Summer tastes like … fresh Thai salads Barbecue, trips to the lake or a picnic in the park: delicious, light dishes are just as much a part of summer ... More
Holzlöffel mit Gewürzen
by Jenni, on
Our tipps for a kitchen without plastic, part 2 In our last post we have already provided you with some tips on avoiding plastic when shopping and storing food. Of course, ... More
by Jenni, on
Our tips for a kitchen without plastic, part 1 You come home from your weekly shopping and after unpacking your purchases the trash can is full of packaging waste? Everybody is ... More
Vegan Salad
by Jenni, on
Gourmandize with a good conscience: three vegan recipes Cooking vegan means going completely without animal products – not just without meat and fish, but also without eggs, milk, honey and ... More
Frisches Gemüse Thailand
by Jenni, on
Seasonal cuisine: healthy, delicious and sustainable It is often difficult to keep track of what is currently growing in the region you live in, nowadays – at least ... More
by Agnes, on
Palm sugar and tamarind: a discovery tour of Thailand The question „Kin Khao Reu Yang?“ – „Have you eaten yet?“ – is used in Thailand along the same lines as our ... More
by Agnes, on
The best souvenirs? Recipes and favorite ingredients! Delicious food is one of the most important aspects of your vacation? At least a vacation is the best time to enjoy ... More
by Agnes, on
Out of the frying pan into the garbage can? “Food Waste” in foodservice “Food Waste” is all food that spoils or is discarded on its way from production to consumption. This way, more than one ... More
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