Outdoor swimming pool at Arosea Life Balance Hotel
by Lynn, on
Getting away from everyday life at Arosea Life Balance Hotel When I want to get away from it all, I like to be outside in nature. Surrounded by the lush greenery, wood ... More
Garden Milano Scala
by Hanna, on
Vertical and urban gardening: Hotel Milano Scala Urban gardening is still in vogue — probably more than ever before! Many cities gradually recognize the importance of green areas, not ... More
Train crossing the Alps. © Adobe Stock / djama
by Lynn, on
Rail Romance: Traveling by train There are various reasons for taking the train – no traffic jams, diverse landscapes, time to read. Some speak of Slow Travel, ... More
Leitlhof in the Dolomites
by Hanna, on
Permaculture in the hotel garden – vacation in the Dolomites The last month we have already introduced to you a hotel garden which is operated after the principles of the permaculture: the ... More
© Adobe Stock / fedorovacz
by Lynn, on
7 tips for sustainable gifts When making presents, we intend to make someone happy and put a smile on his face. That way, gifts are fun. But ... More
Cozy vacation rentals for the whole family. © Valsana Hotel & Appartements
by Lynn, on
On vacation and yet at home: the greenest and most beautiful vacation rentals According to current figures, holiday apartments are becoming increasingly popular among vacationers. We also think you don’t necessarily need a hotel room ... More
Mal abschalten: digitales Fasten und digital detox.
by Lynn, on
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity – radiation-free hotel rooms and digital detox No matter if televisions, radio masts, Wi-Fi routers, or smartphones – we are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic radiation. Some people feel this ... More
Agrivilla i pini: Vegetables and fruits flourish in the biodynamic garden.
by Lynn, on
Permaculture in hotel gardens – vacation in the vegan Bio-Agrivilla i pini For some it’s a trend, for others an attitude to life: veganism. Renouncing animal products has various positive effects. Eating plant-based food ... More
Dolomiten in Italien
by greenpearls, on
Green dream holiday in the mountains: Dolomit Homes We love the Dolomites: the mountain scenery as a perfect basis for outdoor activities,the warm-hearted people – and great food. For this ... More
View over the "Drei Zinnen" © Leitlhof
by Hanna, on
Actively and relaxing: a vacation in the Leitlhof in South Tirol The Italian Dolomites are for sure well known to every mountain lover. Who has not seen the impressive pictures of the Drei ... More
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