Getting away from everyday life at Arosea Life Balance Hotel

When I want to get away from it all, I like to be outside in nature. Surrounded by the lush greenery, wood and dormant rocks, I can easily unwind. It seems like others think alike; otherwise, South Tyrol wouldn’t be one of the most popular destinations – as a calming sea of rocks, meadows and forests. Though, not only hikers and active athletes are in paradise, nature lovers and spa-fans also appreciate South Tyrol! For those yearning for a holistic relaxation experience and nature, here’s our Green Pearls® tip: At the Arosea Life Balance Hotel in the Ulten Valley near Merano, you find dreamlike landscapes as well as time for yourself pampering your health!

Botanic Architecture: Building blending with surrounding nature. © Arosea Life Balance Hotel
The hotel was built in the design of Botanic Architecture, merging the building and surrounding nature. © Arosea Life Balance Hotel

Based on harmony

Planning the Arosea Life Balance Hotel, the owners Anne Stauder and Thomas Gerstgrasser placed great emphasis on a holistic balance of the environment and hotel. Thus, the surrounding nature and animals living there should not be stressed during the construction. Due to the design of the Botanic Architecture, the hotel literally blends with the adjacent nature. Natural materials such as wood, wool and stone indoors make the hotel a cozy place with a warm atmosphere.

Natural swimming pond in the alpine hotel garden. © Arosea Life Balance Hotel
The alpine hotel garden including the natural swimming pond and the sun bathing lawn. © Arosea Life Balance Hotel

Nature meets hospitality

The connection of nature and well-being can also be discovered in the alpine garden: The large natural swimming pond, surrounded by native trees and plants, is a place for rest and relaxation. Lying on the lawn for sunbathing, you can listen to the rustling leaves and deeply breathe in good mountain air. A walk around the nearby Zoggler Reservoir including Kneipp treatments makes it a perfectly relaxed day of vacation.

Relax zones at the holistic spa. © Arosea Life Balance Hotel
Relaxing zones at the large holistic spa area. © Arosea Life Balance Hotel

Inner balance

Harmony and a holistic approach are a matter of heart at the hotel: In the spacious wellness and spa area, you are spoiled with natural oils; fragrances and natural cosmetics and relax in one of the saunas. A special highlight: bathing in sheep’s wool and mountain herbs. It may sound crazy but the treatment has a relaxant effect! The natural warmth gently penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and thus relieves tensions.You can also do yoga classes here – finding rest, “me-time,” and inner balance.


Cover image: © Arosea Life Balance Hotel