Electromagnetic hypersensitivity – radiation-free hotel rooms and digital detox

No matter if televisions, radio masts, Wi-Fi routers, or smartphones – we are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic radiation. Some people feel this radiation, which is referred to as electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Although, no scientific evidences have been found so far that radiation levels in our everyday life impact the health, electromagnetic sensitive people are particularly vulnerable to radiation and may even show symptoms such as headaches, sickness, and sleep disorders. For electromagnetic sensitive people – and for everyone longing for digital fasting – some hotels deal with the topic of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. We introduce you to the best accommodations for radiation-free sleep and digital detox.

Kuhweide in Balderschwang bei der HUBERTUS Alpin Lodge & Spa.
The landscape in Balderschwang is ideal for recreation. © HUBERTUS Alpin Lodge & Spa / Günter Standl

Rewards for being off wire

Would you reject such an exchange offer? All guests leaving their smartphones at the reception of the HUBERTUS Alpin Lodge & Spa during their stay are rewarded with a peace of regional mountain cheese. This initiative called FunkStille (eng. radio silence) is available to all guests all year round  The digital detoxification of (social) media at the Ayurvedic lodge contributes to a holistic recreation. Supported by yoga units, Ayurveda treatments and organic food, body and soul perfectly recover here.

Strahlenfreies Zimmer im Hôtel Le Pavillon in Paris.
Sleep radiation-free in Paris. © Hôtel Le Pavillon

Sleep undisturbed in Paris

In large cities like Paris, radiation and electromagnetic fields are massive. In the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, the Hôtel Le Pavillon offers you the most relaxing sleep in the middle of the city – because electromagnetic sensitivity is of a high priority here. By using an bio-technology, the electric smog is balanced inside the hotel. Moreover, there are three rooms that are specially furnished for electromagnetic sensitive guests. Various techniques for radiation protection have been implemented: specially shielding black wall paint, grounding straps inside the walls, and radiation-repellent windows. Since the nearby Eiffel Tower generates and bundles radiation additionally, these windows are very important. On top, you will find osteopathic, anti-static, and electrically neutral mattresses in the rooms for an even better sleep. Who would not like to dream about the experienced adventures in the city of love here?

Perfekt für digitales Fasten: das Eco-Dorf Sagna Rotonda inmitten der Natur.
The perfect place for digital fasting amidst the nature of the Maira Valley in Piedmont. © Sagna Rotonda

Offline in Italy

The Italian eco-village Sagna Rotonda in Piedmont is the perfect place to be in touch with nature. The eco-village is located at 1,700 meters altitude far from the hustle and bustle of inhabited regions – thus it’s the ideal place for digital fasting. You won’t find any TVs in the apartments and Wi-Fi is only available on request. Here, you can find peace and time to relax, and to unwind – surrounded by the beautiful nature. Without any distraction of modern technologies, you will find the time to enjoy the view into the Maira Valley.

Digitales Fasten in den Zimmern der veganen Bio-Agrivilla i pini in der Toskana.
All rooms are offline at the vegan Bio-Agrivilla i pini in Tuscany. © i pini

Digital fasting and organic quality

Searching for a place to recover from electric smog during your holidays? The bio-Agrivilla i pini in Tuscany is the place you are looking for. Healthy nature and the human being come first here: besides the eco-friendly organic cultivation in the garden, the vegan eco-hotel minimizes electric smog in general. Therefore, in the rooms you won’t find any sockets in the head region. Those craving to switch off (the smartphone), it is the perfect place since the rooms are entirely offline; the Internet is only available at the reception.

Flugmodus für digitales Fasten.
Flight mode for digital detox. © Lynn Anders

Finally, a few tips how you can reduce the radiation in your daily life with just one click:

  • Turn on the flight mode for smartphones at night
  • Disable Wi-Fi before sleeping
  • Get yourself an alarm clock again and keep your smartphone out of your bedroom
  • Install power buttons
  • Pull plugs from electrical devices that are not needed
  • And last but not least: just live the moment; even if you wait for the bus and have nothing else to do than just wait 😉


cover image: © Lynn Anders