Train crossing the Alps. © Adobe Stock / djama
by Lynn, on
Rail Romance: Traveling by train There are various reasons for taking the train – no traffic jams, diverse landscapes, time to read. Some speak of Slow Travel, ... More
Cozy vacation rentals for the whole family. © Valsana Hotel & Appartements
by Lynn, on
On vacation and yet at home: the greenest and most beautiful vacation rentals According to current figures, holiday apartments are becoming increasingly popular among vacationers. We also think you don’t necessarily need a hotel room ... More
Das Valsana in Arosa
by Hanna, on
A home in the Swiss Alps: The Valsana Hotel & Apartments in Arosa Not long ago Valsana Hotel & Apartments joined Green Pearls® as a member. Our philosophy is based on knowing all partners to be ... More
by Agnes, on
Of songbirds and feathered friends Whether you are sitting in the grass dreaming, simply looking out of the window or having a walk in the park looking ... More
by Hanna, on
Transforming old into new – and better! Re- and upcycling projects are hot trends right now. Whether it comes to clothes, furniture or home decor. Our consumption has to ... More
by Hanna, on
About bees and flowers… For some time now bees, as well as the problem of bee mortality have been a major media issue. The focus lies ... More
by Kimberly Shirey, on
Sustainable gardening: vegetable gardens in hotels Sustainable gardening projects are on the rise around the globe. And the reasons to start a garden are manifold. Whether it’s the ... More
by Hanna, on
Cycling around the world – part 2 It's time for the second part of our "Cycling around the world" series. Today we show you the best spots for bike tours in ... More
by Helen Arnd, on
The route becomes the destination Everyone who has traveled at least once knows: traveling makes us happy. Green Pearls® shows you ways of how your vacation is ... More
by Ann-Kathrin, on
Of Påskkärring, Hicken-Bicken, and Easter Swings – Easter Traditions Around the World How do you celebrate Easter? Hunt for Easter eggs? Paint eggs? Go to church? Green Pearls® took a closer look at different Easter traditions ... More
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