A home in the Swiss Alps: The Valsana Hotel & Apartments in Arosa

Not long ago Valsana Hotel & Apartments joined Green Pearls® as a member. Our philosophy is based on knowing all partners to be sure about meeting our requirements, so we just recently visited the new member. Learn more about the home apart from home amidst the Swiss Alps, and what its sustainable credentials are. 

The Lounge at the Valsana
The living room at the Valsana Hotel & Appartements: doesn’t it look comfy? © Valsana

Welcome home

Entering the lobby, you immediately feel at home thanks to the warm atmosphere – the hotel’s concept embraces coziness, a relaxed lifestyle, and the perfect touch of luxury. We particularly fell for the “living room of Arosa“ next to the hotel’s restaurant: charming upcycled furniture make it the perfect place to relax. You find old pillars, which had already been part of the sports hotel formerly located in the building. Comfortable armchairs and sofas, bookcases with second-hand books, and old cinema chairs make it a special place. Along with it a glass of European wine you will find yourself feeling at home. 

Room at Valsana
Generous and comfortable: relaxing made easy in the rooms at the Valsana! © Hanna Bossmann

Unique and eco-friendly

The rooms and apartments are lovingly designed using a charming mix of old and new. A personal note on a slate welcomes you just like a can of home-made iced tea. Retro-fans listen up: every rooms holds a record player including several records for savouring the moment, listening to music, relaxing in the hammock on the balcony, or reading one of the second-hand books. Above all, unwinding and slowing down is the motto, leaving the everyday life behind to getting back to living-in-the-moment. Valsana even designed beds for tablets and smartphones; the hotels tablets provide all needed information while the private phone can be charged over night not disturbing  your sleep through radiation.

Delicacies at the restaurant Twist
A poem for your taste: three variations of Hummus at the restaurant “Twist”

“Easy peasy and yet special“

That’s how the chef, Marcel Laversa, describes his dishes and hits the bull’s eye. He combines seemingly simple ingredients to special dishes. May it be Zoodles, a tofu-pasta-bowl, or buffalo-milk risotto: gormandizing is worthwhile here. Even if you stay at one of the apartments, we highly recommend you dining at the hotel’s restaurant “Twist“ at least once. You won’t regret it, promised! Whenever possible, the ingredients are sourced locally, and the animal products come from certified, animal-friendly companies in Switzerland.  

The lake "Obersee" in Arosa
View over the lake “Obersee” in Arosa – on the other side you can see the Valsana © Hanna Bossmann

Actively outdoor in the mountains

Leaving the cozy rooms at Valsana isn’t easy at all, but the Swiss Alps are calling! During winter, various slopes and a snow park at the ski resort Arosa Lenzerheide attract visitors – and it is the perfect place for snowshoe hiking on top. In summer, you can explore more than 300 km of marked hiking trails. A highlight among these are the panoramic routes where you can marvel at the breathtaking views a little longer. You can climb up to 2,900 meters altitude here! Several trails await mountain bikers here leading along rugged rocks, passing streams and clear lakes. At Valsana, you can also rent e-bikes. 

Bear Napa
Bear Napa in his new home © Arosa Bärenland

Napa – the first brown bear in Arosa

Another attraction (available since this year) is the bear’s land in Arosa. It was planned and advised for seven years before it was actually implemented in 2018. Together with the animal protection organization “Vier Pfoten” (engl. four paws), a 2.8-hectare large compound was created for up to five brown bears freed from captivity and animal cruelty. On a visitor platform, you can observe the bears in a natural habitat or learn more about the animals on guided tours, in experience and study zones. This summer, bear Napa is the first to move to his new home. Napa was trained as a ‘dancing bear’ and kept chained in a tiny cage. Now he is getting used to running unchained in the large compound and already feels at home. In spring, new bears are going to move in with him. By hiding the food, Napa’s natural behaviour is trained and he is searching for it almost all day long – just like bears in wildlife.


Cover picture: The Valsana in front of the impressive mountain scenery © Valsana Hotel & Appartements