Extremely relaxing: 3 special wellness treatments

Massages, cosmetics applications, and spa treatments – the Europeans are front-runners when it comes to wellness vacation. Quite a lot of hotels specialize completely on spa vacations, others, however, only offer some treatments. Also the variety of the offered treatments makes the Europeans leading for wellness: hot stone massages, honey-facial treatments, pine sauna and thermal baths are part of the wellness packages. Meanwhile the green movement has also reached the wellness industry, thus, you can choose among many Green Pearls partners between holistic therapies, massages with natural oils and beauty treatments with natural cosmetics. We found three special treatments just for you!

Multi-sensory beer massage. © Creativhotel Luise
Experience the art of brewing during the multi-sensory beer massage! © Creativhotel Luise

Whitecap for your beauty

Worldwide unique the Creativhotel Luise offers a beer massage. Admitted, beer massages are not new for real spa lovers, but this one is unusual. During the multi-sensory treatment, applied while lying, you experience the origin of beer with all your senses. The idea originates from Ben Förtsch, the manager of the climate-positive hotel. Because he can hardly unwind during massages, he developed together with a friend the beer massage with binaural sound-recordings you listen to through earphones, coming from the Brauerei Steinbach Bräu. Besides, at the same time you smell the beer in your nose while the healing essences of hop, barley and malt sooth your skin. Relaxation for all senses is guaranteed – at least for beer lovers 😉

Hay bath / Heubad. © Arosea Life Balance Hotel
The scent of health: Unwind in the healing hay bath. © Arosea Life Balance Hotel

From meadow to spa

Hay is not only well for cows and sheep – but also for your health! At the Arosea Life Balance Hotel in the Ulten Valley you may take a health-supporting hay bath. Of course the hay comes from unfertilized South Tyrolean Alpine grasslands and is natural. The special composition of blossoms and grass stimulates the blood circulation, is cramp relieving and makes calm. For everybody suffering discomfort from rheumatic disorders or having problems with the respiratory tract or are tormented by tension, the bath in Alpine grassland hay is exactly the right thing.

Wooden bath tub. © Hotel Lamm Mitteltal
Bathing like our ancestors: Hotel Lamm offers various baths and treatments in the wooden bath tub. © Hotel Lamm

Journey through time

When you are looking for a special spa experience, you will make a find at Hotel Lamm. In the spa village belonging to the hotel you are spoilt in a traditional bath tub with healthy snacks, spring water and healing oils or mud. A neck and shoulder massage provides for your well-being while relaxing in warm water. In summer, the tub is outside so you may enjoy sunrays during the treatment. Another unusual treatment is the bodywork after Marion Rosen. This massage technology is particularly good for people wanting to access their inside. Through touching special muscles, unconscious tensions are resolved and help to deeply relax.

Cover image: © Arosea Life Balance Hotel