Peaceful Advent season: Candlelight Swimming on Juist

Slowly Winter sets in on Juist and Christmas is around the corner. Just in time, the Advent program on the North Sea Island starts on the first weekend in Advent living you up for Christmas. Today we want to draw your attention to a special event – the Candlelight Swimming on Juist in the seawater adventure pool! There’s a lot more behind the romantic bathing event; the swimming pool is not only the venue for this special experience, but another example of environmental and climate protection on Juist. 

Bathing in salt water from the North sea. © KV Juist
The swimming pool is filled with salt water from the North Sea! © KV Juist

Candlelight and water lapping 

At nightfall, the Candlelight Swimming in the seawater adventure pool opens; accompanied by Christmas music inviting you to swim here on each Saturday evening in Advent. Candlelight flickers across the swimming pool, creating a cozy and festive atmosphere. Located in the wellness center called TöwerVital, you can bathe in seawater from the North Sea. Nurture your skin with healthy salt water during the cold season and  pamper yourself with wellness treatments, Thalasso and physiotherapy. Enjoy a wonderful view of the entire island from the rooftop panoramic sauna. The wellness center is built on one of the highest dunes of Juist! A truly exceptional visit to the swimming pool in a special ambience.

External view of the panoramic sauna on Juist. © KV Juist
TöwerVital, the wellness center: built on one of the highest dunes of Juist including the panoramic sauna! © KV Juist

More than an indoor pool

Besides offering relaxation and well-being, the seawater adventure pool is also characterized by its sustainable technology. On one side, salt water does not require chlorine, that affects our health and the environment. Anyone having sensitive skin knows what I’m talking about (if you want to learn more about chemical-free pools, look here and here as well). At the same time, a lot of efficient technology is used: An air heater solar collector ensures a pleasant temperature indoor, in the changing rooms and the spa area. The water is heated to a temperature of 32 °C using a solar absorber system on the roof. In case the sunlight is not sufficient, a heat pump automatically switches on providing warm water. 

Two people in panoramic sauna on Juist. © KV Juist
View of the beach and the sea from the panoramic sauna! © KV Juist

Fresh water, healthy visitors

Would you like to learn more about the sustainable swimming pool technology? No problem! Water quality is controlled with sustainable technology as well : circulating pumps run all day, providing clean water. They are equipped with a frequency converter reducing the line frequency by 10 %, yet, saving much more electricity at almost identical power. And even a turbidity sensor also helps to reduce the energy consumption; the technology – unique in Germany – measures the concentration of dirt particles in the bathing water. The cleaner the water, the less the circulation pumps have to circulate the water. In total, the measures save 520 tons of CO2 per year! 

The exact opening hours and other offers in Advent can be found on Juist’s Advent Program (German only).


Cover image: © Adobe Stock / gabrielhector