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Three green reasons to visit Sri Lanka: Green Pearls Amaya Resorts! We are in serious Sri Lanka fever at Green Pearls. Ever since we’ve welcomed three Amaya Resorts & Spas into our sustainable family, we ... More
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Exploring a Rainforest by Night – at Belum Rainforest Resort in Malaysia It’s just as well they hand out head torches for the night trekking tour: it’s like being on set of the movie ... More
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New at Inspira Santa Marta! Explore Lisbon the green way in an electric rickshaw Thighs are burning, the heart is pumping but that pretty cafe right up there at the top of the hill exudes such ... More
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Macaws and more – Macaw Lodge in Costa Rica Costa Rica has become a symbol of sustainable eco-tourism. It stands for lush green forests and a high standard of living. But ... More