New at Inspira Santa Marta! Explore Lisbon the green way in an electric rickshaw

Thighs are burning, the heart is pumping but that pretty cafe right up there at the top of the hill exudes such a wonderfully enticing scent of fresh Galão that we just keep going. Walking tours in Lisbon, the Portuguese capital of the seven hills, can feel a lot like mountaineering!

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Our sustainable Green Pearl Inspira Santa Marta Hotel, situated near the magnificent Avenida da Liberdade, provides a clever remedy: Lisbon fans can explore the city in a less strenuous way, namely by electric rickshaw.

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„Stay in our urban oasis and enjoy  genuine Lisbon hospitality in a sustainable environment, where your well-being is our main concern.  Experience locally sourced, natural and organic delicacies in our restaurant, let our spa attendants and our natural products revitalize you, and after an exciting ride through the city in our green vehicles, relax in your room where you will find comfort and serenity”, says Nicolas Roucos, General Manager at Inspira Santa Marta Hotel.


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Rickshaw is actually the wrong word for what is more like a noise free, modern tricycle that does not pollute the environment. With green power from the socket they climb quietly up the hills to the Upper Town to the oldest district Alfama, the lookout point at „Sra. Do Monte“ and many other stunning sights along the route. 


The 90-minutes rickshaw ride is included in the „Eco Experience“ package that Inspira Santa Marta Hotel offers, priced from 204 Euros per person if guests stay a minimum of two nights. The themed Superior rooms have been inspired by Feng Shui and decorated to represent the elements of water, earth, fire, tree and metal. They all come with free Wi-Fi, bathrobes, a Nespresso machine and organic tea-bags.


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The nutritious and healthy breakfast is also included in the price. Regional ingredients and gluten free foods are standard at Inspira, as well as the freshly filtered water that comes to the table in fancy recycling bottles. By doing so Inspira Santa Marta Hotel supports the charity program NGO PumpAid Water for Life that aims for better access to clean, safe, and reliable sources of drinking water for rural communities in Malawi.

Festas de Lisboa,Umzug_CREDIT_José_Frade_Turismo_Lisboa Festas de Lisboa,Umzug2_CREDIT_José_Frade_Turismo_LisboaPhoto credit: José Frade Turismo Lisboa

If you are planning a visit to Lisbon this summer you should hurry! With the month of June arrives the Festas de Lisboa and the city really comes alive, turning the streets of the historic old town into a huge dance venue. As a result, the „Eco Experience“ at the Inspira Santa Marta is frequently booked. Why? Because especially after a late night a chauffeur service back to the hotel is much appreciated – all the more for being an environmentally friendly one.

Festas de Lisboa, Geschmückte Straßen- CREDIT_José Frade_Turismo LisboaPhoto credit: José Frade Turismo Lisboa 

Festas de Lisboa,Umzug_CREDIT_José_Frade_Turismo_LisboaPhoto credit: José Frade Turismo Lisboa