Do it yourself: Be creative with these upcycling ideas

Upcycling probably is one of the most resource-friendly ways to create something new by skillfully “revitalizing” and recombining old things. There are no limits to creativity and imagination! Among our hotel partners, you can find some creative minds that already have saved some items from the landfills and inspire us with many details at the hotel.

Sure, browsing Pinterest, you’ll find loads of upcycling inspiration. Though, offline, you can also get some ideas during a walk through the organic garden at The Tongsai Bay on Koh Samui: old and discarded bathtubs are converted into colorful flower and plant beds – a special type of raised bed – and a great protection from voles and other garden dwellers that like to nibble your plants and vegetables. 😉 Two of the old tubs are also used for the worm farm or as a worm composter, using the worm tea as fertilizer.

Upcycling at Tongsai Bay: old bath tubs in organic garden
Upcycling at the Tongsai Bay on Koh Samui: the resort uses old bath tubs as raised beds for herbs and flowers as well as for the worm farm. © Tongsai Bay

Always popular among upcycling ideas: Converting statues, cans, shoes and more into flower pots – such a beautiful, colorful flower arrangement welcomes you at the at the Green Spirit Hotel Le Pavillon in Paris.

Upcycling at Green Spirit Hotel Le Pavillon
These beautiful and creative flower pots can be found on the entrance of Green Spirit Hotel Le Pavillon in Paris! © Le Pavillon

You still have some old belts at home? Why not turning them into an eye-catching item, like the Landgut Stober:

Upcycling at Landgut Stober
A bowl made of old belts at Landgut Stober in Germany. © Landgut Stober

If you find some colorful ties in the attic, this idea might be interesting to you! An Ottoman built from an old car tire, covered with colorful ties! We already started looking for ties! How about upcycling grandma’s old lace into a beautiful lamp? A balloon and glue help to shape the lampshade.

Upcycling inspiration from Pinterest
Pinterest inspiration: an ottoman from an old tire and colorful ties from and a lamp of old lace doilies from

The Creativhotel Luise in Erlangen regularly upcycles old things to new creative pieces: Whether handcrafted deer antlers made of cardboard remains, decorated in the staircase, or old jam jars and other glass vessels adorned with pieces of old tiles, used as flowerpots. They’re not lacking new ideas! Though, some craftsmanship is needed for upcycling old wine bottles…

Upcycling at Creativhotel Luise
Upcycling at the Creativhotel Luise: with old wine bottles, carton packaging and new use for jam glasses. © Creativhotel Luise

This is what you need: Glass cutter, a container of cold water, a candle/tea light, old wine bottles, some sandpaper, organic stearin/beeswax/soy wax and a wick

And here’s how it works: Remove the bottle label (if desired) with a scrap and warm water. Carve the bottle with the glasscutter; heat the cracks with the tea light or the candle. Next, dip the bottle in cold water. Due to the temperature difference, the glass easily breaks apart at the breaking point. Then grind the edge a bit. Melt the wax, cut the wick and fix it on the bottom of the bottle with a few drops of hot wax. Fill the glass with liquid wax while holding the wick straight. Allow cooling. The upturned bottleneck can be used as a holder for taper candles reminding of a torch fixed on the wall.


By the way: Make sure to visit our Upcycling-Board on Pinterest for more inspiration!