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Sustainable hotel management? Of course! Incorporating eco-friendly behavior into every day life has become natural for most of us. What is easily manageable for small households, can ... More
by Kimberly Shirey, on
You think hiking is boring? Hiking is the new relaxing! „Only if you walked there, you have truly been there“, Germany’s famous poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already knew that. We think ... More
by Hanna, on
Cycling around the world – part 2 It's time for the second part of our "Cycling around the world" series. Today we show you the best spots for bike tours in ... More
by Hanna, on
Summer, sun, beach and … lake! We all love the beach but must it really be a beach at the sea? We don’t think so and show you five ... More
by Katja Gutschmidt, on
Vegan in Daily Life and on Vacation? The continuous trend of living a vegan lifestyle has gotten an update: Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital have found out that you can live ... More
by Ann-Kathrin, on
The Three Best Green Jungle Hideaways You want to flee from everyday life? You want to get away where no one can find you? We searched for the ... More
by Lydia Weber, on
Sustainable by tradition We have started the series „sustainable by tradition“ to showcase places that act intrinsically conscious, guided by regional values, and focus on being in ... More
by Katja Gutschmidt, on
Recipes from all over the world Hungry to travel, in the mood to feel the sun on your skin? We had a look in the pans of our hotel ... More
by Lydia Weber, on
Travel consciously without sacrifice? It is possible! A thing that we get asked often is: travel consciously, what does that mean? Does it actually involve renunciation, or couldn't it rather be ... More
by Christine, on
Gourmet Day at Green Pearls On today's Gourmet Day, a handful of Green Pearls® partners offer a glimpse into their traditional cuisine. As fascinating as the sustainable measures ... More
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