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by Lynn, on
7 tips for sustainable gifts When making presents, we intend to make someone happy and put a smile on his face. That way, gifts are fun. But ... More
Sustainable Diving Holiday: Tropical Fish and Coral Reef
by greenpearls, on
Three breathtaking places for a sustainable diving holiday For many reasons people are excited by diving: leaving the bustle over water behind and plunging into another world of absolute silence, ... More
The dolomites
by Lynn, on
Over hill and dale Walking steadily and calmly in nature while hiking helps us relax, even if our heartbeat goes up. No matter if your trail’s ... More
Spice Village, helicopter view
by Jenni, on
It couldn’t be greener: vacations in the jungle Have you ever been to the jungle? Equipped with binoculars and trekking shoes, surrounded by the most beautiful greenery and a spectacular ... More
Strand des Zeavola Resort auf Ko Phi Phi
by greenpearls, on
Hidden dream beaches: from Bali to Sylt Have you ever seen images of hidden, untouched beaches and longed for being there and feel the soft sand rinsing through your ... More
by Agnes, on
Of songbirds and feathered friends Whether you are sitting in the grass dreaming, simply looking out of the window or having a walk in the park looking ... More
Keemala Pods
by greenpearls, on
Sustainable hotel management? Of course! Incorporating eco-friendly behavior into every day life has become natural for most of us. What is easily manageable for small households, can ... More
by Kimberly Shirey, on
You think hiking is boring? Hiking is the new relaxing! „Only if you walked there, you have truly been there“, Germany’s famous poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already knew that. We think ... More
by Hanna, on
Cycling around the world – part 2 It's time for the second part of our "Cycling around the world" series. Today we show you the best spots for bike tours in ... More
by Hanna, on
Summer, sun, beach and … lake! We all love the beach but must it really be a beach at the sea? We don’t think so and show you five ... More
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